My first Blogger Recognition Award

My first Blogger Recognition Award

An award? Me?

Fast food…

When the lovely Lauren Neto from Life of a Travel Bug mentioned The Little Hedonist as one of her Top 10 Nominees for the Blogger Recognition Award recently, I choked on my sandwich. Like the bad kind of choke, the spluttering and coughing kind of choke that leaves one blue in the face and seriously embarrassed afterwards.

 Three course meal…

I had no idea people even read my blog, never mind thought it was worthy of a Blogger Recognition Award! Given, this is not an award that will allow me to quit my day-job or allow me to eat my way through Cape Town for free, but it does do wonders for the morale. It’s an acknowledgement from the blogosphere that you are seen, that you are heard, and that fellow bloggers want to spread the love on your behalf. It’s such a lovely  and refreshing initiative, in a world where most things often revolve around a tit-for-tat philosophy. So, I get it; no trophy to display in my lounge or a sticker to put on my car bumper, but rather a virtual pat on the back to tell me I’m doing just fine.

Many mornings I wake up wondering why I’m doing this. But then I remember the little flame in the pit of my heart, burning bright and warm when I do this blogging and photography thing. I now recognise that tiny fire to be passion. Passion is what fuels our mere existence, and if you’ve not found something that you are passionate about, you need to seriously sit down and reconsider your life’s choices. And if you’ve found something you’re passionate about, but you’re not doing anything about it, you’re pretty much missing out on the whole point of living.

And that is why I don’t really care if I don’t have thousands of followers (yet!) or if I’ve not been featured in an online magazine. I’m doing this for me. To feed my passion. To keep that little fervour burning in the depths of my soul.

So, before I go even deeper into this post, I would like to thank Lauren of Life of a Travel Bug from the bottom of my heart, for reminding me why I’m doing what I’m doing. When you have a minute, please head over to her blog; she writes like a dream and her vast range of travel topics are seriously catchy and super interesting. I can feel that itch in my feet again when I read her blogs. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her words are genuine. She’s really my kind of gal.

So, as with all things, in accepting this award, I have to comply to a few ground rules:

  1. Write a post announcing you have won and that you’re awesome.
  2. Thank the person who thought of you during their 15 minutes of fame.
  3. Explain how, what and when you started your blog adventure.
  4. Share two of your best tips that have helped you flourish as a blogger!
  5. Nominate 10 blogs you think deserve to be recognised. Take the time to select blogs you truly feel deserve it and let them know why.

How did I start my blog?

My husband and I are the world’s biggest foodies. We seek out the food markets, the little café’s and bistros, the unfamiliar little pizza places. We sniff out the best wine-food pairings, and the most exquisite desserts. Coupled with my love for writing and our shared passion for photography, and The Little Hedonist seemed, after so many years, the obvious thing to do. But let’s get this straight: I’m no food critic or connoisseur…on the contrary, I’m a wife and home-maker; just a small-town girl with a big appetite.

So, here I am, three months down the line, and I kind of wished I did this a long time ago.

Two tips

  1. Write, write, write and then write some more! There is nothing more important to me than to practice and hone your skill. If you want to be serious about this blogging thing, you have to aim to write at least 500 words a day. You want great make-up? You spend hours on applying it. You want great hair? You spend hours at the hairdresser. You want great blog content? Exactly. You need to put some serious hours in!
  1. Stay true to yourself. It’s okay if your quirky nature or nerdy vocabulary shine through in your posts; people will love you! We don’t need any more cookie cutter bloggers in this world. We need authenticity; we need honesty. We need bloggers who stay true to who they are and what they stand for.  Be original!

I was overwhelmed with amazing nominations. I can honestly say I’ve tried to select my top 10 nominations in a fair manner, based on merit alone. So please don’t unfollow me. Rather follow me. Either way, just do it! 😉

My 10 nominations for the Blogger Recognition Awards (in no particular order):

  1. Eat with me

Megan is basically living my dream job. This self-made food stylist, chef, writer and photographer from Cape Town has worked with big brands, but still manages to stay true to herself through hard work and dedication. Her food styling stills portfolio is out of this world and left me with a watering mouth.  Oh, and her branding? Delish.

  1. Ivy Wolfe

If you know me, you’ll know I’m a sucker for pretty things. Sián’s blog and branding is just beautiful; even before I’ve read a word I want to explore her site. She covers a vast array of topics ranging between style, food, travel and beauty. She takes beautiful photos and her writing invites you to linger a bit longer. And what a stunning Instagram feed!

  1. Scarlette Raes

When I read Lorelle’s “About” page, it was as if I’ve written it myself. I could immediately associate with the unfortunate realities presented to women these days in a society that is mostly visually inclined. She has created an online lifestyle community for women where they are celebrated through their stories and struggles. She pulls in guest authors and the topics cover womanhood in its entirety. 100% feel-good vibes!

  1. Mommy and Baby Approved

What a fun and happy space! Even though I don’t have children myself, I could read Olerato’s blogs for hours. She writes openly and honestly about parenting, without beating around the bush. Life is not all moonshine and roses for a full-time working mom! Her product reviews are such useful resources and a lovely idea. Oh, and if I were a mommy, I’d get no housework done because I’d be watching your Youtube videos the whole day! 😉

  1. Poppet Patch

The Poppet Patch is not “just another parenting” blog. Leatitia, I admire your courage. I admire your will to survive and thrive and be the best you can for those around you. I read and read and read some more and I reluctantly left your blog, but with a renewed awareness of how fragile this thing is we call life.  You created a beautiful space for moms across South Africa to share in. I love all your happy photos, and your posts are super informative!

  1. Berry Sweet Life

Sorry, not sorry, but I’m a massive fan! I’ve been following Berry Sweet Life on Instagram since the start of The Little Hedonist! She is my daily dose of inspiration! Sal cooks simple, nutritious, healthy meals that every average housewife can manage in between juggling her five other full-time jobs. The ingredients are simple, the recipes are clear, and her photos breath-taking. I can only wish…Thank you for this gorgeous space full of nomminess!

  1. Tammy Colville

Tammy, be my friend! Lol! Tammy’s blog is quirky, fun, happy and colourful. I love the branding, I love the layout…I just love everything about it. Her awesome lifestyle blog is neatly arranged in categories, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for something you’re interested in. Although I can guarantee you, you’ll be interested in all her posts! I particularly liked her fashion and beauty category.

  1. The Maree Muse

There’s just something different about Tasha Lee’s blog. A something that made me very curious…so curious in fact, that I spent an inordinate amount of time reading her posts! She calls them “postcards of inspiration”: punchy snippets from her life that draws inspiration from everything around her. Her fashion blogs are just awesome, by the way!

  1. Cappucino with Me

You had me at the name! Shalane is a qualified make-up artist and shares her endless knowledge on all things beauty. What I appreciate most, is that she doesn’t use super expensive brands or imported creams; she uses what most of us can easily buy from the mall. She also writes some handy book reviews and wicked lifestyle posts. Will definitely be reading her posts over my morning coffee.

  1. Mamma Chef Jozi

Again, a firm favourite of mine. I’m not even going to lie! The Little Hedonist was born from my passion for cooking. I don’t do fancy meals. I do simple food for everyday eating. Mamma Chef Jozi is my idol in that regard. I love real people doing real things. Her blog speaks of her true passions in life: family, food, laughter and of course, wine! This is a prime example of what I mean about finding your passion. Her passion is obvious through her dedication to nutrition and ease of convenience. Keep on cheffing, Mamma! We need you!

There we go, lovelies. So now each of you have to follow the same five steps I outlined above. Let’s keep this process moving, even if it takes you a few weeks to write and publish. Let us take a minute to recognise excellence, to recognise passion. Because that minute might be just what someone needs to feed their flame.

Lots of love!

The Little Hedonist

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