{PRODUCT REVIEW} Fair Cape Dairies Valentine’s Desserts

With #Januworry not quite a thing of the past and Valentine’s Day looming around the corner, why not opt for a dine-in meal with your loved one this year? Fair Cape Dairies have you covered with a delicious range of ready-to-eat desserts. I was so excited for a chance to dress them up in the colour of love!


There’s not much in this world more satisfying than a good dessert. But who has money to dine out every weekend or has the inclination to make your own dessert from scratch? Time is a luxury these days, and we often find ourselves having to choose between time-conscious activities and spending a bit of time on treating ourselves to something indulgent.

Fair Cape Dairies has a range of decadently gorgeous desserts to everyone’s taste. I was super excited to try these out, especially because I’m such a fan of pudding. I mean, who has time for proper food, right?! Let’s cut to the chase and go straight to the heartstrings with decadent sweets. Let me introduce you to the team who will help you aim Cupid’s arrow right in the feels.

Flambi Crème Caramel

The absolute showstopper of my shoot was the Flambi Crème Caramel pudding. With a clever catch-release system, you can pop it out perfectly onto a plate without losing a single drop of the golden caramel syrup at the bottom of the mould. The sauce prettily runs down the sides of this custard stunner, making for quite an impressive centerpiece without much effort.

The pudding itself is all custardy goodness. It’s smooth, rich and incredibly more-ish. This beauty comes in a 500ml tub, but you also get smaller 100ml tubs for anytime treats or lunchboxes.

I used vibrant red plates, and included an assortment of berries, figs and pomegranate seeds for a pop of colour and tang. Add a few fresh mint leaves for garnish and get ready to be someone’s favourite person on Valentine’s Day. Dishing up love has never been this easy.

Chocolate Mousse

Now, show me someone who doesn’t like a good chocolate mousse. It’s an absolute classic that never fails to impress. Fair Cape Dairies’ chocolate mousse is light, airy, creamy and so incredibly chocolatey that your heart will go gooey in seconds. It’s made with great quality melted chocolate and fresh cream. It comes in a 1L tub and just a word of advice: use the longest spoon you can find, because you are guaranteed to go right to the bottom!

I decided to be playful with the chocolate mousse and serve it in little espresso cups. I didn’t want to steal too much attention from the texture and fluffiness of the mousse, so kept the crockery simple and understated. Again, a few pomegranate seeds and mint to cut through the richness of the mousse. I also served it with a mini chocolate cookie on the side, just in case you have a really sweet tooth on your hands!

Other desserts

For those lovey doveys who are not too keen on the super sweet, Fair Cape Dairies also has a range of desserts to suit the not-so-sweet palate. I particularly enjoyed the snack sized tubs of chocolate and caramel desserts. They are just the right size for an after-dinner treat, or perfect for the kiddos when they need a little spoil. There’s also a layered guava dessert, which is another of my favourites. Guavas and custard takes me right back to my childhood and leaves me with a wonderfully nostalgic taste in the mouth.


You don’t have to spend a fortune on Valentine’s Day. With a bit of elbow grease and a dollop of imagination, you can surprise your favourite with a stunning dessert at home. Be sure to invite Fair Cape Dairies to your Valentine’s Day this year – I can promise you it will score you bonus points!

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