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May 20, 2018

We feel tired and sluggish most days. We have late-afternoon headaches and constantly feel dehydrated. We complain about unusual sleeping patterns or the complete lack thereof. Have you ever thought about what type of fuel you are putting into your body? Do you understand the vital relationship between food and overall well-being? This, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why I’m so ridiculously excited about this blog on Fria’s Superfoods!


I’ve subscribed to every food trend and lifestyle available to man-kind since the dawn of ages. I’ve done banting, raw eating, the Atkins, the shakes and meal replacements, gluten-free, juicing, vegetarianism and all the other -isms and -rians, the low calorie, the low fat, the endless detoxes. But in the end, the only principle that has stuck with me (and worked consistently for me!) has been the inclusion of superfoods and more plant-based protein into my diet in an attempt to “eat clean”. I’m a firm believer in the superfood revolution and the omission of all the extra added baddies in the food we eat these days (think preservatives, sugar, artificial colours and flavours). I mean, who needs even more bad stuff, right?

I’ve secretly been following Fria’s Superfoods’ journey and rise to popularity, so I was over the moon when I was given the opportunity to taste a box of their most delectable treats.


Fria’s Superfoods is a locally owned delicatessen specialising in wholesome treats such as lemon bliss balls, matcha mint and liquorice balls, sweet potato brownie balls, black bean truffles and peppermint mousse cake cups.

Since the announcement of Fria’s Superfoods entering the retail industry with its first merchandising opportunity being Wellness Warehouse Lifestyle on Kloof in early April, a phenomenal three further stores have jumped on board, namely Wellness Warehouse Cavendish and SPAR Vredehoek and Sea Point.

The inspiration

Fria Hiemstra understands that maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst juggling all the strenuous responsibilities that come with adulting is a full-time job. She herself has struggled with finding the fine balance when it comes to putting the right fuel into your body to get you through your day with energy and a positive mood, without compromising the quality of the products you are consuming. We’ve all been there. Most of us are still there every day. But alas! Do not despair…continue reading…

Born from this need for a healthy equilibrium and absolute passion for cooking and clean eating, Fria decided to try and “health-ify” the treats she ate; and what started as a hobby turned into a small business when friends, family and colleagues tried her creations and loved them. This is not a “only-one-cookie-a-day” kinda gal. And that is why we adore her!

Everything out of Fria’s kitchen is fresh and, as far as possible, naturally dried whole foods – she sprouts or activates her own buckwheat, black beans, almonds and chickpeas before adding them to her treats. She also adds a high quality, vegan protein powder to some of her treats to make them more nutritious. And let’s not forget all the superfoods she adds to these little delights: moringa, spirulina, chia seeds and cacao nibs, but to name a few. She is also very actively involved in the kitchen and the actual making of the treats, so she knows exactly what goes into each and every indulgent cup and bite.

The taste test

My beautiful goodie box contained the following treats:

  • Coffee choccie workout bar
  • Black bean truffles
  • Banoclate cake cup
  • Snickers cake cup
  • Peppermint mousse cake cup

My initial thought, as I drooled over the contents of the box, was: how is it possible for all these sweet treats to be part of a clean eating lifestyle – they all sound (and look!) so indulgent! I’m not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t the inclusion of the words “cake”, “chocolate” or “mousse.”

I took the coffee choccie workout bar to work for breakfast the first morning. I get up super early and usually have a protein shake at work if time allows. I was very impressed with the convenience of the bar, which I simply popped into my handbag for later. It’s made with real coffee beans to give you a natural energy boost, with added activated almonds and Vibrant Health ProMatcha protein powder. It was so more-ish. Coffee and chocolate are one of the most holy food pairings this world can offer. Now imagine this combination in a bar, packed with almonds and all the good stuff that will leave you feeling energised, revitalised and ready to tackle the world!

The black bean truffles became my “after dinner” sweet. The texture reminds of the most creamy, luxurious chocolate truffle, minus all the guilt and agony. The raw chocolate and cacao adds that bite of bitterness that contrasts beautifully with the rich black beans. What a journey of flavour! And when I looked again, it was all gone. Aw.

Now, let’s talk about the cake cups. Wow. Just the perfect treat size, they leave you feeling satisfied and confident about your life’s decisions. The goodness held in these cake cups are almost palpable as you devour each spoonful of yumminess. And what a treat to eat without remorse! Liberating!

The Snickers cake cup accompanied me to work the next morning, as I loved the slow release energy boost I got from the added protein in Fria’s treats. It sustained me throughout the morning and kept unhealthy cravings at bay. Crammed full of roasted red-skin peanuts, raw cacao, coconut cream, natural peanut butter, dates, coconut oil and topped with cacao nibs, this was literally what my daydreams were made of. I simply can’t explain the sheer, unadulterated gratification this cake cup holds! Hands down my favourite.

Okay, now hold onto your chairs. The peppermint mousse cake cup is made of chickpeas and avocados. I’m not going to lie; I was quite apprehensive about this one. I’m a huge chickpea and avocado aficionado, but not in my desserts. Oh my, how I ate my words! Literally. A chickpea peppermint mousse layered in between a date caramel and chocolate avocado mousse and topped with coconut biscuit. And here’s the punchline: it’s vegan, refined sugar- and gluten free. You heard me!

And then. The banoclate cake cup. Banana mousse layered in between a date caramel and chocolate avocado mousse and topped with coconut biscuit. Vegan, sugar, dairy, egg and gluten free. By this time my mind was completely blown; Fria has proven to me that you can actually have your cake and eat it!


If I was ever a fan of Fria’s Superfoods before, I’m now a full-blown convert to the end of my days. And with Fria leaping from success to success, I’m pretty sure we’ll soon be able to find her bright pink treats in shops everywhere across Cape Town. So next time you feel a craving coming, or you want to impress your guests with an indulgently healthy treat or cake for a special occasion, get in touch with Fria, or pop into one of the stockists for your fix of superfoods. I promise you – you’ll be the talk of the town if you invite Fria’s treats to your party!


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