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{product} Outdoors with The Bamboo Project

April 8, 2019

It’s no secret that I’m totally in love with Dylan and Daniella from The Bamboo Project. More so, I’m totally smitten with their range of bamboo and coconut utensils and crockery. I was lucky enough to get to shoot their entire range over a weekend of adventuring at Scarborough Beach and Kirstenbosch Gardens and if I’ve not been their self-appointed ambassador before, I surely am now!


Towards the end of last year, Daniella contacted me to do a review on their coconut bows and spoons, as well as their bamboo straws. I was (as always!) childishly excited to get my hands on these green, environmentally friendly and just overall super cool stuff. We all know I like to play with the latest gadgets!

To read my first blog on their products, please click here!

This time around, Daniella sent me their full range to shoot. I was so impressed with all their items that I decided to do a quick blog on it, and also to share some of the magnificent photos that came out of our shoot. The Tall Hedonist and I decided to  photograph over a full weekend, heading out to Scarborough beach on the Saturday, and to Kirstenbosch Gardens for a leisurely Sunday picnic the next day. So, without any further ado, here is a rundown of their gorgeous items! All available to purchase online from their website, linked above.

The range

If you want to read more about The Bamboo Project’s story, the reason for using bamboo, the benefits thereof or how you can be environmentally responsible, read my first blog HERE.

Cutlery set

Contains: 2 x Coconut Knives, 2 x Coconut Forks, 2 x Coconut Spoons, 1 x Fold Up Bag

This set is perfect for the adventurers, the campers, the road-trippers, the Instagrammers. Doubling up on all the essentials, this is a savvy and sexy way to always make sure you avoid those yucky plastic road-side cutlery by bringing your own. It rolls up neatly and stores away easily in your cubby-hole, handbag, backpack or briefcase.

Travel set

Contains: 2 x Bamboo Straws, 1 x Coconut Knife, 1 x Coconut Fork, 1 x Coconut Spoon, 1 x Biodegradable Cleaner, 1 x Fold Up Bag

Perfect for the lone ranger who likes to do his/her bit to preserve our earth. Packed with all the goodness from the Cutlery set, the Travel set includes a twin-set of super handy and stylish bamboo straws, as well as a straw cleaner. I promise you, your cocktails will taste better without the plastic straw and stirrer. A quick rinse under the tap and you’re ready to roll.

Bamboo straws

Contains: 1 x Mini Pack (2 x Bamboo Straws, 1 x Mini Bag, 1 x Biodegradable Cleaner)
4, 6 & 10 Pack (4, 6 & 10 Bamboo Straws, 1 x Cotton Drawstring Bag, 1 x Biodegradable Cleaner)

These have become my number one essential. I keep a mini-set at the office and another in my handbag, a 6-pack in the kitchen and a couple in the car. Beautifully stowed away in their drawstring cotton bag, these bamboo straws should be in  every eco-aware person’s artillery. Don’t just take them to the party; become the party with these gorgeous straws in hand. They are easy to use, easy to clean and begs to be Instagrammed. No more plastic aftertaste! Perfect for cocktails, smoothies, juices or milkshakes. Pretty much anything you can sip through a straw!

Coconut bowls

Contains: 2 x Coconut Bowls or 4 x Coconut Bowls

I have four of these at home. They are my smoothie bowls, my stir-fry bowls, my buddha bowls and my snack bowls. My anytime go-to bowls. They fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and contains just the right serving size for a wholesome meal. Dress them sweet or savoury – you’ll be the talk of your next Saturday soireé if you pull out these beauties! So easy to clean and store, it only takes a minute to wash and dry. Practical, minimal and durable – these are the future of sustainable crockery.

Bamboo spoons

Contains: 2 x Bamboo Spoons or 4 x Bamboo Spoons

No coconut bowl is complete without your bamboo spoon. Sturdy but aesthetically pleasing, these spoons are perfect for anytime meals. Slip them into your handbag for breakfast at the office; pack one in your kid’s lunchbox for their yoghurt treat, or serve them with dessert at your next book club evening. The perfect size for any treat!

Bamboo toothbrush

Contains: 1 x Bamboo Toothbrush, 1 x Packaging

Medium or soft, we all have our preference. Now you can choose your bamboo toothbrush, too! So elegant and stylish with a gorgeously smooth bamboo handle, decide if you’re going medium or soft with the bristles. Just think of all the toothbrushes you throw away in a lifetime – isn’t it time you do something for the earth? Here’s something for you to think about as you polish your choppers – plastic toothbrushes take over 400 years to decompose! They remain in landfills indefinitely.

In conclusion

If we all just contribute a little bit,  we can make such a massive impact to preserve our beautiful earth for generations to come. It doesn’t call for radical life-changes; it rather begs for a slight change in mindset. Think twice about using plastic straws and single use plastic packaging. Take your own shopping bags to buy groceries instead of buying plastic bags. Buy whole fruit and vegetables and prepare them at home, rather than buying convenience items. Carry your own environmentally friendly cutlery, and make a change every time you eat on the road. We can make a difference together, one straw at a time.

Second photographer and photo credit: The Tall Hedonist, aka Timothy P. Gibson

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are solely those of The Little Hedonist, given in good faith and in no way influenced by the company or its affiliates. All images, unless otherwise stated/credited, are also my own.





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