{news} Thinking outside the glass with L7 Craft Beer

If the words ‘beer’ and ‘cocktail’ in the same sentence cause you to shift uncomfortably in your seat, L7 Craft Beer urges you to think outside the glass, and consider how delicious an inspiriting Raspberry Beer and Gin cocktail could be.

“No amount of physical contact could match the healing powers of a well-made cocktail.” – David Sedaris

Quality beer, like L7 Craft Beer, is a perfectly balanced and easy-to-drink beer, which makes it ideal for adding dynamic and nuance to a spirit-based cocktail.   The key to a successful beer and gin cocktail is identifying the key flavours of your brew, selecting your favourite gin and then complementing them with accompanying ingredients to build a compelling cocktail that’s surprisingly delicious and would suit any occasion.

L7 Craft Beer has done just that.

To read my full review on L7 Craft Beer, click here!

20ml Gin 
20ml Fresh lemon juice
20ml fresh raspberry cordial
L7 Craft Beer

Shake it up
Fine strain into wine glass
Add ice
Top up with L7 Craft Beer


To read my full review on L7 Craft Beer, click here!

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