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Imagine there was a magical place, filled to the rafters with the best luxury sweet treats the world could offer. Does that thought make you happy? Well then, open your eyes, stop daydreaming and listen: heaven exists. It’s called The Good Batch, and these guys and girls know just how to do indulgence right.


The Good Batch is a family-run taste emporium that gathers together top quality delicacies from around the world and local soil: the good batch of nuts, chocolate, coffee and more to satisfy every craving.

From famous Middle Eastern halva and iconic American peanut butter cups to Italian biscotti, Turkish figs and South African almonds, shop to your heart’s content in our buzzing treasure trove. Everywhere you look, from floor to ceiling, you’ll discover an exquisite array of hand-picked delights (https://www.thegoodbatch.co.za/).


I’ve had many things to eat and drink cross my desk, but never have I received such an elegant hatbox filled with an assortment of gourmet snacks before! And let’s not even talk about the beautiful golden branding and lettering – their logo and branding oozes deliciousness. The lovely navy ribboned box was packed to the brim with all sorts of goodies, accompanied by a hand-written note from the owner of The Good Batch himself, Alexi Hadjidakis. Even if they tried, the goodness simply couldn’t be contained.

The Good Batch has recently opened their second store – the original store being in Canal Walk and they’ve now decided to bring their treats down south to Cavendish Square in Claremont.

The treats

I loved the thought that each box was packed with the recipient in mind – each item in my box was hand-selected especially for me, and they weren’t far off with all my favourites! Below I’ll list the contents with a quick note on each:

Chocolate almond clusters

This is a classic combination that wins my heart time and time again. Crunchy almonds enrobed in a premium quality silky semi-sweet dark chocolate, scooped into clusters of goodness. Wow, these didn’t last long at all! Did you know The Good Batch uses almonds farmed in Robertson? And, did you know they roast all their nuts and signature coffees in store?!

Italian Panforte bites

If you like the mixed spice and Christmassy dried fruit vibes, then you’ll demolish these squares in no time. Laden with candied fruit, nuts, spices and honeyed deliciousness,  there was simply no holding back the deliciousness. Another firm favourite.

Creamy fudge twists

Well. What can I say? Bite-size bits of heaven. Creamy, smooth, caramel-ly and packed with rich vanilla notes, this is some seriously good fudge. We must’ve inhaled the whole box in a couple of breaths. And because they’re individually wrapped, it means easy inclusion in lunchboxes and handbags!

Tangy yoghurt coated almonds

I’m simply nuts about nuts. I’m also all about a combination of different textures. So, yoghurt coated almonds hit all the right spots for me; it’s not as sweet as chocolate, but not as uneventful as plain nuts, either. A great snack for the health-conscious, the yoghurt coating is indulgent enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, whilst the low GI almonds are packed with protein and fibre.

Vanilla, cinnamon and caramel coated cashews

Yaaaaas, Queen! These are little power punches of delight. Crunchy, sweet, nutty and slightly addictive, these might have been my favourites in the hat box of tricks. Everyone loves candied nuts, and these are so fresh and delicious, it’s almost impossible to contain yourself! The ideal snack for a Netflix and chill session, or the perfect gift to win over some serious hearts.

Italian biscotti

Again, these were a hit all round. Crunchy, nutty and slightly sweet with a hint of marzipan, these biscuits are perfect for in-between meals, after dinner or a quick snack with your favourite hot mug! I adore biscotti and these tasted pretty authentic to me, packaged in perfect little bite sized slices.

Sweetie pies

I’m going to call these sweety pies, because that’s what I think it was! Call it what you want, it was bursting with flavour and delectability, if that’s even a word! Semi-sweet dark chocolate covered dense marshmallow puffs on a crunchy base, these had a faint taste of coffee, which made for a very indulgent nibbly bite together with the dark chocolate. 

Why The Good Batch?

So, why should I go there, you might ask? You should rather ask – why not?!

Looking for the perfect gift hamper for a friend or family member? Put together a personalised goodie box at The Good Batch. Don’t have time? Ask the team to assist you in curating a special box on your behalf. What about something to wow your dinner guests with after supper? Get a selection of treats! I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas, birthdays, graduation, engagements, weddings or any other celebration in life – as they say, it’s gifting made deliciously simple! 

The Good Batch offers a variety of gift options, from boxes of chocolates (9 or 18 pieces) to beautiful hatboxes (like mine!) that can be filled with your favourite choices.

But then sometimes you just need to treat yourself. Not for any specific reason; just because. Because life. So, next time, before you consider chomping on something purely mediocre, swing past The Good Batch for your fix of goodness, all under one roof. And if that’s not enough to lift your spirits, your eyes will be feasting on their beautiful in-store displays of fruits, nuts, coffees and chocolates that reminds one of a glorious food market – whatever the reason, just go!

In conclusion

If I’m going to treat myself, I want only the best; filled with goodness and pure, fresh ingredients. And because I enjoy a selection of different flavours and textures, The Good Batch will be my first stop to stock up, as they have a vast range of goodies for all tastes and preferences, and I can choose my own quantities of each. Savoury or sweet, crunchy or soft, baked or dried – they have it all.

Their chocolate is premium quality and inspired by European chocolatiers and carefully handmade with or without sugar. Their nuts are either local or imported; with or without salt; raw or roasted. Their coffee beans come from all around the globe, simply so that you have a choice. 

Go now, grab a gorgeous coffee, pick up a scoop and treat yourself – The Good Batch is waiting to indulge you!


Lower Ground Level (next to Col’Cacchio). Cavendish Square. Cape Town.
Trading Hours 9:00am – 7:00pm daily


Lower level. Entrance 1 (next to Woolworths). Canal Walk. Cape Town
Trading Hours 9:00am – 9:00pm daily

Telephone: +27 21 555 3161   Email: info@thegoodbatch.co.za

Disclaimer: I was given this product(s) as part of a press drop in exchange for my honest and truthful opinion and review thereof. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are solely those of The Little Hedonist, given in good faith and in no way influenced by the company or its affiliates. All images, unless otherwise stated/credited, are also my own.


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