{news} A fondue rendezvous at The President this winter

The Swiss originated indulgence, fondue, has taken center stage this winter at The President, Cape Town.

Nestled in between the vibrant city and pristine beaches, in the windless sanctuary of Bantry Bay, guests are invited to take up this winter time tradition of sharing at the most loved destination hotel by tucking into a rich, hearty pot of classic Swiss cheese made for two – an experience best enjoyed with loved ones and friends alike.

The President’s executive chef, Jacques Swart, has put a gourmet twist on the 1970’s style crudité with a variety of fresh, farm to table ingredients with which diners can swirl, dip and delight in.

Menu items include skewers of garlic and herb toasted bread, steamed tenderstem broccoli, lightly poached granny smith apple, hickory smoked chicken and a further selection of fruit and vegetables, each prepared in a way that is sure to excite. Dukkha spice, celery salt, basil panko crumbs and black bean mayonnaise are also available as a topping to enhance each bite, as well as the option of adding extra meat such as locally sourced pork belly, sirloin steaks and swordfish. 

Guests can celebrate their cherishment of cheese with this new winter-warmer special for only R365 per pot. The warming fondue, offered daily, is ideal as a rendezvous for lunch, afternoon tea, or a fun night out with friends, and can be ordered as either a starter or a main.

The President’s fondue is valid until 15 September, and must be booked 24hrs in advance. For more information or to book your pot, visit the President Hotel online at presidenthotel.co.za or email: events@presidenthotel.co.za, or WhatsApp: +27 (0)60 664 9490.

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