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In a city that offers subscription boxes to pretty much everything foodie-related from wine to snacks to gin to diet meals and fresh vegetables – I thought I’ve seen it all. But then, when I thought it couldn’t get any better, this world became a brighter place with the introduction of Cape Town Cheese Box.


I’ve said many times I could easily follow a vegan lifestyle – the change-over wouldn’t be particularly difficult, as I’m really not that bothered about meat or animal by-products. Except for cheese. That is where my whole master plan falls to crumbly, delicious pieces. One of the things that I unadulteratedly live for, is cheese, in any shape or form. Creamed, matured, moulded, melted, grated or sliced – I simply love all of it!

When Cape Town Cheese Box reached out about their upcoming launch and asked whether I’d like to try one of their monthly subscription boxes, I couldn’t help but squeal with joy. I mean, you gouda be kidding brie…the answer to cheese is always yes!


The Cape Town Cheese Box story is one of those feel-good, go-getter ones. Ashleigh and Greg put together their superpowers and embarked on this journey, driven by their combined passion for cheese and for spreading cheesy goodness around the city. They saw an opportunity and gap in the market, and jumped at it, hoping to involve the greater Cape Town community in a cheese experience like no other.

The rest is all history. Having launched their first cheese subscription box in August this year, things are going as well as can brie expected!

The boxes

Cape Town Cheese Box offers two boxes: The Classic, or The Big Cheese.

The Classic is perfect to share between two, with three cheeses included; one soft (like Brie), one semi-hard (like Cheddar) and one hard, aged cheese (like Parmesan).

The Big Cheese is what I got: enough cheese to feed a small Swiss army, this box is loaded with five different cheeses: a fresh, soft cheese (like Mozzarella), one soft (like Brie), one semi-hard (like Cheddar), one hard, aged cheese (like Parmesan) and one strong cheese (like blue).

The Classic is R300 per box and The Big Cheese is R500 per box. Both boxes includes free delivery, an information pamphlet and score card. And no obligation to commit to a subscription  – order your cheese boxes as  once-offs, as many times as you like during the year.

Inside the box

With premium quality and supporting local at the top of Ashleigh and Greg’s list, they aim to make every box unique and exciting, embarking on a sensory journey with the keen cheese lover.

Here are the items I received in my August box:

Forest Hill Cheese Traditional Camembert
Puglia Fior de Latte Mozzarella ball
Gay’s Guernsey Dairy Parma Prince
Kasselshoop Pepper Cheddar
Puglia Blu Crema

The main cheeses

The only cheese I was familiar with from this box, was Kasselshoop, being one of my favourite local fromagers. They are my regular stop at the annual cheese festival, and never seize to amaze me with their exciting line of products. Most recently, I’ve been enthralled by their new range of spreadable cheeses. But that’s besides the point! This pepper cheese is punchy and bold, beautifully tempered down by bit of citrus preserve.

I was incredibly excited about the fresh, hand-made mozzarella ball, as they are quite scarce (and pricey!) in Cape Town. I fell in love with these when I lived in the Netherlands, and the rubbery, yellowish mozzarella sold in supermarkets here doesn’t deserve the share the name of this beautiful ball of delicate goodness.

The Parma Prince also had me clapping my hands in glee, as I prefer saltier, harder, aged cheeses. Incredibly versatile and flavourful, I was going to savour every last bite of this one.

A good Camembert is essential to any cheese platter, and this one is particularly gooey, creamy and light, perfect for those beginners who are still waking up their taste buds.

And then the Blu Crema – wowzers. Decadently creamy, crumbly and just ever so blue, this is probably one of the most indulgent blue cheeses I’ve tasted to date. Not the greatest fan of mouldy cheeses, I had to stop myself from eating half a block in one sitting. A little drizzle of balsamic reduction and a triangle of sourdough bread. Absolute heaven.

And then we ate

I presented our cheese platter with minimal frills, with only a few side dishes to complement the experience. I made beautiful rosemary-parmesan crisps, which were deliciously salty and crispy, with a herby tang. The Mozzarella ball was the star of a simple caprese salad, with fresh tomato, basil, black pepper and lashings of olive oil.

I also got a sourdough loaf from our local bakery, and griddled some porterhouse steaks with basil pesto. A handful of plump calamata-style olives, homemade tzatsiki, rounds of melba toast and a couple of preserves rounded off our feast. A bold and fruit-driven Chardonnay tied all the cheesiness together in a beautiful weekend soirée.

In conclusion

A lovely addition to the Cape Town food scene. Easy, fuss-free and a great return on your investment. Cape Town Cheese Box takes the admin out of exploring the ever-expanding local cheese scene by delivering the best of the best right to your doorstep, literally.

I’ll leave you with a string of cheesy puns. Because I’m immature like that. Just remember, always be strong, and don’t be blue, because things will always get feta. You cheddar believe it!

Disclaimer: I was given this product(s) as part of a press drop in exchange for my honest and truthful opinion and review thereof. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are solely those of The Little Hedonist, given in good faith and in no way influenced by the company or its affiliates. All images, unless otherwise stated/credited, are also my own.



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