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{news} Mindful Drinking Festival: 20 October 2019

October 3, 2019

Alcohol-free drinks are all the rage right now. But what are they? Do they still contain alcohol? And what is the difference between a non-alcoholic drink and an alcohol-free one? 

South Africa’s first ever Mindful Drinking Festival at Kirstenbosch Stone Cottages in Newlands, Cape Town on Sunday 20 October 2019 will answer these questions. 

The public will be able to sample drinks directly from their producers, participate in a blind tasting competition (hosted by Nik Rabinowitz) and attend a number of free workshops. These include a discussion hosted by Reg Holder of Holder Vineyard & Wines who will talk about what inspired him to produce South Africa’s first de-alcoholised wines, and his journey so far. The only other producers of de-alcoholised wines in South Africa, Leopard’s Leap and van Loveren, will also be exhibiting at the festival, which will feature the widest choice of alcohol-free drinks ever assembled at one venue in South Africa including alcohol-free beers, wines, bubbly, botanicals kombuchas and health drinks.

An exciting line-up of local musicians will perform, including Zolani Mahola of Freshlyground fame.

The festival is hosted by Mindful Drinking SA – a movement that is motivated to help make it socially acceptable – even desirable – for young and old to choose non-alcoholic drinks in any situation.

According to director Sean O’Connor: “Alcohol-free drinks is the fastest growing beverage sector in the South Africa and there is now a huge range of options available to the public. If you feel like at a beer or glass of wine at a social function, there are some really tasty, sexy and trendy non-alcoholic options. And people are slowly learning that it’s no bad thing to conduct yourself better, and wake up feeling fresher the next day. It’s all about being free to choose.”

What to look forward to at the festival:

  • An exciting new range of products from over 30 alcohol-free producers
  • An array of healthy food stalls, including vegetarian and vegan options.
  • A blind-tasting event for the public MC-ed by Nik Rabinowitz
  • Live music featuring: Zolani Mahola, The Porchlights, Hatchetman, Dax Butler, the Biscuit Mill Jazz Band and Pravda
  • A workshop programme about Mindful Drinking and alcohol-free brewing and distilling
  • A free tasting glass and free samples from suppliers
  • Wide open spaces for kids to play
  • No hangover on Monday morning

To book tickets go to Quicket.

For more about Mindful Drinking South Africa please see www.mindfuldrinking.co.za.

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