{wine} Through rosé-tinted glasses: Weltevrede’s Turkish Delight

Sometimes wine is taken way too seriously. Between the undertones and aromas and mid-palate experiences, we lose the sheer joy of sharing a bottle of good wine with a loved one. This summer, Weltevrede is ditching the drama, and presents the world through rosé-tinted glasses with their Turkish Delight.


We all know how I feel about recipe boxes, right? So, when a large-ish box crossed my desk a few weeks ago, I simply couldn’t wait to lift the lid. As soon as I got home, I cleared the dining room table with one big sweep of my arm, grabbed the stanley knife and slit open the box. Holding my breath, as I still do when opening a press drop, I slowly lifted the lid and rustled through the tissue paper. My first thoughts? Oooh, Weltevrede! An interactive wine recipe box, what fun! I LOVE the colour! Yay, it’s rosé! Playtime!

I was (yes, as we know) childishly excited to play around with Weltevrede’s Turkish Delight rosé, as the brief was fun and playful, rather than serious and business like. I’m great at playing with my food and wine.


Ladies and gents hold onto your hats, because this summer Weltevrede Estate brings you Turkish Delight *insert rollicking rom-com tunes*.  It’s a tale as old as time, the story of unexpected love that blossomed into a splendid (yet quirky) union. Gewürztraminer is a seductive cultivar with some spicy German swagger, while Pinot Noir is an alluringly serious varietal with gorgeous hidden depths. Bring the two together and it’s a love story for the ages, resulting in a tantalizing semi-sweet rosé that sings of litchi, rose petals and candy floss.

In the spirit of this off-beat romance, we invite you to ditch the drama this summer, and join us in getting a little bit whimsical with your wine. Dust off your sense of mischief, relocate your funny bone and leave the snobbishness at the door, because Turkish Delight is all about tasty high jinks and delectable shenanigans. In fact, we’re going to double-dare you to think beyond the same old, same old wine-in-a-glass, and dress up Turkish Delight in your favourite summertime guise. Popsicles, spritzers, cocktails, you name it – this daring dame always brings her A-game (press release).

Weltevrede’s Turkish Delight

Beautifully blush pink, this slightly sweet rosé is cheekily dry in the finish, leaving you with a candy-shop medley of summer flavours to chew on. I adore the fact that Weltevrede’s Turkish Delight is still a serious wine, because it’s made from serious grapes, but it allows even the newcomers to the wine world to enjoy a wine from a trusted brand, without the sniffing and swirling.

Tasting notes: On the nose you get litchi, rose petals and candy floss. Light mouthfeel with flavours of litchi, strawberries and Turkish Delight.
In the vineyard: 60% Gewurztraminer & 40% Shiraz
In the cellar:
Ageing potential – two years
Cellar door price: approx. R69
The Little Hedonist’s food pairing suggestions: Is it wrong that I don’t want to pair this beauty with any food? I enjoyed this bottle chilled, mostly by itself. I did share it with The Tall Hedonist. Somewhat. It’s gorgeously fragrant and light, without the heaviness of  the honeyed sugar one would expect from a semi-sweet wine. I prefer my rosé to be dry, and this one hit all the right spots.

For the shoot, I paired the wine with fun, sweet nibbles, like candyfloss and Turkish Delight, to pick up the nuances in the wine.

If you must insist on pairing Weltevrede’s Turkish Delight with serious food, I would suggest thinking along the lines of fresh baby leaf salads with goat’s cheese, grilled fish on the coals, or other seafood dishes, like crispy breaded prawns or pan-fried scallops with pea-puree. It would also pair a treat with mildly spicy food and rice-based dishes, like creamy curries, paella, or risottos with a vegetable base.

Cocktails, anyone?

I also had some fun in creating popsicle-inspired cocktails, including my Ruby Rosie and Ice, Ice Litchi. The Tall Hedonist was a complete sucker for these (pun intended).

For Ruby Rosie, I combined strawberry pulp, strawberry juice and a rose and litchi cordial to my popsicle mould, decorated with slices of fresh lime and strawberry. Serve in a pretty glass and top up with Weltevrede’s Turkish Delight.

For Ice, Ice Litchi, I combined litchi liqueur, lemonade and lime juice in my popsicle moulds, and once again topped up with Turkish Delight with serving.

Another easy showstopper side for Weltevrede’s Turkish Delight, is floral ice balls. Create your own by using a gin ice-ball mould (I used this one), fill it with rose petals, lime zest, slices of strawberry or even bits of turkish delight sweeties. Fill slowly with water and leave to freeze at least 24 hours. Pop one in a shallow wine glass and watch it bloom as you top it up with rosé wine.

In conclusion

A stunning summer treat from Weltevrede, but did we really expect anything less? This summer, ditch the drama by pulling out a few bottles of Weltevrede’s Turkish Delight from your beach bag. I mean, who doesn’t like pink drinks and dessert?

Disclaimer: I was given this product(s) as part of a press drop in exchange for my honest and truthful opinion and review thereof. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are solely those of The Little Hedonist, given in good faith and in no way influenced by the company or its affiliates. All images, unless otherwise stated/credited, are also my own.

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