{wine} My sultry summer companion: De Krans Moscato

Mos-katto. Mos-kaahtou. Mous-katoe. As I fumbled my way over the name of this unfamiliar (to me) wine style, I was at least sure of one thing. De Krans Wines seems to have bottled my anthems for summer, and they were perfectly intended for sunny holidays!


I enthusiastically typed “moscato” into Google, unable to quite hold in the joy I’m feeling over the stunning gift box that just crossed my desk. Two bottles of De Krans Wines Moscato Perlé, which were completely unheard of to me. That was a gift in itself.

You should know, I get pretty excited over the small things, like receiving something different and new. Lying there on my dining room table, all shiny and bright in their festive attire, were two bottles that simply looked like summer personified.

After a bit of reading, I’m proud to say it’s pronounced Mos-cah-toe pur-lay, and it promises to be everything that I like in my summer tipple. Just a bit of fizz, just a hint of sweet and a whole lot of taste!


Originally from Italy where it is known as Moscato d’Asti, meaning semi-sparkling, Moscato as a variety is not exactly new to the South African wine scene. De Krans, located in Calitzdorp in the Klein Karoo region, first produced a Moscato perlé wine back in 2012. The wine style has started gaining momentum and has now become one of their most popular sellers.

Moscato is made from Muscat de Frontignan grapes with some added Muscat de Frontignan juice to sweeten it. Whilst bottling a small amount of CO2 is added to give it that slight fizz.

What makes Moscato as a wine style so appealing is that it falls in the sweet spot of having a low alcohol content, moderate sweetness and a lovely sparkle. Add the delicious fruit character and you have a hit (press release).

De Krans Moscato White

Tasting notes:   typical muscat flavour with tropical fruit flavours such as litchi, apricot and notes of honey
In the vineyard:  Muscadel grapes
Cellar door price: approx R58 per bottle

De Krans Moscato Red

Tasting notes:   red berried, blackcurrant, muscat and exotic spice
In the vineyard:  A small percentage of Pinotage added to the muscadel
Cellar door price: approx R58 per bottle

Serving suggestions

These two summer bodies love an icy bath. Perch these beauties in an ice bucket pool-side and let them refresh you after a quick dip in the pool. Perfect for afternoon soireés or festive get-togethers. With the lower alcohol content, they are sure to be the talk of your pool-party. The refreshing fruit aromas, coupled with a slight fizz, makes Moscato Perlé your go-to staple this summer, when you need a stunning drink in hand.

Serve icy-cold in flutes as an aperitif to set the mood, or mid-lunch with light foods such as salads, cheese platters and slightly spicy dishes. Because of its drier finish, the Moscato Red pairs beautifully with cured meats and aged cheeses. Moscato White goes a treat with fresh sushi platters for the ultimate girl’s day in, or simply as a sundowner after a lovely al-fresco meal.

In conclusion

Soon, with the festive season in full swing, I’ll be enjoying my De Krans Moscato Perlé  my way. Stacks of recipe books to read, lots of sunshine, loads of pool-time and a lounger in the shade of my garden. I’ll keep a few bottles on the ready for those unexpected visitors who pop past with festive greetings. Everyone appreciates a reason to cheers with a glass of Moscato!

Make sure De Krans Moscato Perlé is your sexy plus one this summer. Pop a couple of bottles in your bag for a sparkly Christmas party. Dress them up by inviting De Krans Moscato to your beach day or your picnic lunch, for that little touch of elegance.

Thank you, De Krans Wines, for introducing me to this stunning summer delight, and for making sure I always know what to reach for when the occasion calls.

Disclaimer: I was given this product(s) as part of a press drop in exchange for my honest and truthful opinion and review thereof. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are solely those of The Little Hedonist, given in good faith and in no way influenced by the company or its affiliates. All images, unless otherwise stated / credited, are also my own.

The Little Hedonist endorses responsible drinking.


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