{news} Brazilian national drink available in South Africa!

Brazil’s famous Cachaça Da Tulha native sugarcane spirit is now available in South Africa in a new 750ml bottle.

As tequila is to Mexico, so is cachaça to Brazil. The sugarcane spirit, produced from the juice of non-burnt sugar cane after fermentation and distillation, Cachaça can also be aged in wood produced in Brazil for up to three years before being bottled. Production dates back to its discovery in the 15th century and Cachaça is today one of Brazil’s most consumed and appreciated native products, which is legally only allowed to be produced in the country.

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Cachaça Da Tulha is named for a restored coffee warehouse on the São José do Mato Seco Estate in São Paulo, dating back to the 19th century’s Brazilian coffee period which transformed the country.

Three Cachaça Da Tulha brands are available in South Africa today, namely the Cachaça Da Tulha Carvalho (gold), a sugarcane spirit aged in oak barrels for three years; Cachaça Da Tulha Jequetibá (silver), a sugarcane sprit aged in oak for two years; and Cachaça Da Tulha Mel (honey), a mixed alcoholic beverage made of non-aged rum spirit, water and honey which is served chilled as a liqueur.

Cachaça Da Tulha is imported into South Africa by Covert Distribution and is available from Bar Keeper, Blue Bottle Liquors, Woodstock Liquors, Kensington Superspar, Hillcrest Tops  starting from RSP: R350 – R400.

To read my blog on Cachaça Da Tulha, please click here!

For more information please contact Kirsten Reynecke on 082 748 8887 / kirsten@kirstenhopwood.co.za

Covert Distributions can be contacted on: info@covert.africa / ludgero@covert.africa / douglas@covert.africa

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  1. Nadine says:

    Where can we buy it?

    1. The Little Hedonist says:

      Hi Nadine! You can purchase Da Tulha at Barkeeper, Woodstock Liquors or Blue Bottle. If you need to find Da Tulha outside of Cape Town, please speak to the Covert Distributions team by emailing them on info@covert.africa. Thanks!

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