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{news} Lozärn Wines: For my valentine, SOUTH AFRICA!

February 14, 2020

For many Valentine’s Day symbolizes the celebration of love between two people. At Lozärn Wines – we want to extend this love to all things proudly South African and the things that South Africans love!

We asked ourselves, what makes us South African?
We have 11 beautiful languages to celebrate amongst our different cultures, this means that we also have different influences when it comes to our food.  Food is the language of love and South Africa has so much cultural diversity to celebrate when it comes to our nation’s cuisine!

From our beloved Cape Malay curries to Wors and pap, chakalaka and koeksisters all served on the backdrop of our beautiful nation.  Varying from savanna fields ranging from the North of our country through to the grass lands of the Free State to the dry and bare Karoo, ending with beautiful soft touches of Fynbos in the Cape.  Every province has its own unique vegetation, natural beauty and animals roaming their fields.

To read about my visit to the heart of Lozärn Wines, please click here!

We are often overwhelmed by news and politics on a daily basis that we forget to celebrate and share our love story of South Africa.  Across our differences we have been brought together through food, sport, music and the love of our nation on African soil. It makes us reminisce of one of Johnny Clegg’s beautiful songs, Scatterlings of Africa.

“I love the scatterlings of Africa
Each and every one
In their hearts a burning hunger
Beneath the copper sun”

Winemaker, Salome Buys-Vermeulen says, “This is it for me this year; I feel at home with Lozärn. Over the last 2 years we have grown, we aren’t the new kid on the block anymore.  The cellar is starting to take shape and we definitely want to add a million more Spekboom to our landscape, braai a thousand more nights under the African sky and drink Lozärn wines.”

This Valentine’s Day, Lozärn Wines invites you to celebrate our love for South Africa with their unique, Carménère Rosé 2019; the one and only rosé of this varietal in SOUTH AFRICA !

To read about my visit to the heart of Lozärn Wines, please click here!

Join us in raising a glass of Proudly South African wine and cheers to the things we love under the African sky.

Connect with us @LozarnWine and share your love of South Africa with us this Valentine’s Day!

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