{eat} Patiala Brew & Q: communal feasting and sharing steaks

Patiala Brew & Q adds a touch of class and finesse to the average South African’s Saturday staple: the humble beer and braai. This is where the brew and barbeque masters come to play, and you’re invited to the feast.


At my most indulgent core, I’m in love with simple food. I sometimes find the frills too fancy, when a good quality product should speak for itself. All too often, a beautiful cut of meat is masked behind a sauce or garnish, or an indulgent wedge of cheese simply overpowered by a preserve.

Finally, a place right on my doorstep, which offers food in its most uncomplicated form, but where uncompromising quality is the upholding backbone of the institution. Enter Patiala Brew & Q, where brew and barbeque masters do their magic in a theatrical performance of the culinary arts.

Flanking the new upmarket Checkers Emporium in Tokai, Patiala Brew & Q stands proudly in its place, welcoming those who are in search of great meats and brews. I was thrilled to be invited to the media launch a few weeks ago, and my mouth watered at the prospect of a communal feast.


Mr GP Singh and his wife, Beena, are no strangers to the local restaurant industry. Having opened and run numerous successful eateries throughout the Cape, their extensive experience stands them in good stead for their latest venture.

Located at the recently opened Constantia Emporium in the Constantia Winelands, Patiala Brew & Q is the first restaurant of its kind in South Africa. With an on-site microbrewery on one side and an open-plan kitchen anchored by an impressive plancha cooking station in the middle, the restaurant invites diners to be a part of the action. 

The name is almost as exotic and charming as the restaurant itself – ‘Patiala’, refers to a city in Punjab, where the owners originate from, and ‘Brew and Q’ sums up the microbrewery and barbeque-like cooking process (press release).

The venue

Uber-modern in appearance, Patiala Brew & Q is an emporium within itself. Sleek and contemporary from the outside, its neat lines and open spaces are mirrored on the inside. A state of the art micro-brewery sits encompassed in a glass venue, opening the beer-brewing process to the diners to view from their tables. An equally impressive bar connects the brewery to the dining area, and some beers are served straight from the tanks.

The main attraction of the venue is the massive wrap-around open plan kitchen, called a plancha. I always consider an open-plan kitchen to be a confidently bold move, with which you are proudly (and openly!) vouching for the clean and hygienic running of your restaurant. With the full kitchen and its staff in plain view of patrons, Patiala offers an interesting glimpse into the world of their chefs, as they baste and turn and griddle gorgeous cuts of meat on an open fire.

With sweeping expanses of pristine counters, staff that prepare dishes like clockwork and an unspoken rhythm that only befalls the ears of the chefs, watching Patiala’s kitchen in action is pure magic. I found myself somewhat mesmerised as I was submerged into the inner workings of this social kitchen, completely forgetting to do my rounds or click my shutter.

The beers

Home-grown beer master, Murray, graciously allowed us a sneak peek into his glass brewing fort, and talked us through the processes they follow to brew the signature range of Patiala brews. The range includes a Vienna Lager, a Pale Ale, a Witbier, a Pilsner and an India Pale Ale, each as fresh and delectable as the last.

My personal favourites were the Witbier and the Pale Ale. The Witbier is surprisingly crisp and flavourful with notes of coriander and dried citrus peel, whilst the Pale Ale is tropical and hoppy with a sweet aftertaste.

Murray is as passionate about beer as he is about pairing his beers with Patiala’s menu. It’s all still relatively new, but he already has big dreams for expanding the brewery’s lines within the Patiala franchise.

The food

After a tour of the brewery and the kitchens, it was time to sit down for a communal feast. Before long, laden plates of gorgeous food made its way from the plancha to our table, whilst our glasses were kept topped up with their selection of beers and wines.

A complete sap for comfort food, I was childishly excited at the plates of colourful tacos that landed in front of me. The mushroom tacos were delicious, topped with a selection of grilled wild mushrooms and herbs. The lamb barbacoa tacos, though – what a lovely match for the hearty Indian Pale Ale.

Thereafter a smorgasbord of incredible dishes followed: tikka chicken on flatbread, new potatoes smothered in raclette, large sharing steaks, bowls of miso corn and plates of brisket with salsa verde.

And when we thought we couldn’t eat any more, it was time for the pièce de résistance; a selection of Patiala’s best desserts. Think velvety vegan chocolate torte, fluffy vegan vanilla sponge with strawberries and warming malva pudding. It was a feast of note, dotted with cheerful laughter, clinking glasses and lots of delighted exclamations as only a table filled with foodies can produce.

In conclusion

I’m excited for Patiala Brew & Q, and for the next time I can visit. I’d love to rally up a group of friends and family and celebrate all of life’s feel good moments here, surrounded by endless beer on tap and good, honest food. Thank you Patiala Brew & Q, for creating a stunning space where camaraderie, communal feasting and sharing are right at the top of your menu!

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