{product review} How Greenfish reeled me in hook, line and sinker

Imagine you could quickly and easily purchase local, sustainably caught and seasonal ocean-fresh fish online, only to have it jumping (almost) straight into your pan. Imagine no more, because Greenfish does exactly that and deliver every time – hook, line and sinker!


I love fish. I’ve always been an ocean child, growing up in the Deep South to a father who spent his leisure time fishing, cray-fishing and gathering shellfish to cook. As with any piece of meat or other fresh produce, I want my fish to be fresh, local, seasonal, sustainably caught and sourced from legal fishing operations.

I was recently introduced to Greenfish, a Cape Town based family run fishing business who now also delivers their quality seafood to the general public.

Greenfish generously sent me a box of yellowfin tuna steaks to try out and here’s a little sneak-peek: they’ve reeled me in!


Greenfish services the restaurant, hospitality and wholesale industry with high quality, seasonal and locally sourced fish and seafood products. The COVID-19 lockdown kick-started their ambition to bring fresh fish directly from the ocean to anybody’s home in under 24h. They now operate a direct delivery service in Cape Town.

Brothers Ryan and Andrew have more than 60 years’ worth of combined fishing under their belt.

Greenfish is proud to be a part of the global solution to overfishing by encouraging more sustainable seafood choices from responsibly managed legal sources that are environmentally sound. They commit to ensuring that all of their seafood offered will be sourced from legal fishing operations and traceable back to its point of origin. Every single package includes information about the species, origin, and production method (fishing gear used, or wild-caught/farmed).

They deliver a fresh passionate product with knowledge of its origin (https://greenfish.co.za/pages/about).

Click for fish

Ordering online from Greenfish is a very intuitive process, much like their user-friendly and clean website. Their seafood and box offerings change regularly due to availability (and things like fish movement and weather conditions). Regular boxes could include oysters, prawns, mussels, yellowtail, ocean trout or even squid or swordfish. They also offer a fantastic “seafood platter” mixed box, with a variety of your favourite fish.

You can easily read the user reviews under each product, and the price and quantity is clearly stated, making the online ordering process transparent and easy to navigate. If you click on a specific product, it opens up a more detailed description of the box’s contents as well as notes on cooking suggestions, sustainability and delivery.

Everything has been taken care of by Ryan and Andrew and their team. All you have to do, is decide what you feel like eating.

Tuna delicious

My box arrived late afternoon on a Friday, just in time for some weekend cooking. The white cardboard box contained an ice pack and a vacuum-sealed pack of two tuna steaks, labelled with a sticker. It was two generous steaks, weighing in at just shy of a kilogram, enough for four main meals.

The sticker contained information about where and when the tuna was caught, which method was used and notes on how to best store your fresh fish. I was exponentially excited to see my tuna was caught using the “one line, one hook, one fish” philosophy, just off the Cape Point coast. I know my fish has not been transported in cooler trucks for days on end, or was at any point stuck in a freezer chamber and defrosted. It felt great knowing that any fresher, the tuna would still be in the ocean.

I’m usually a bit iffy when it comes to handling fresh fish, as I’ve had a few bad experiences in the past. My Greenfish tuna steaks were firm, meaty and a beautiful deep red colour. The meat was shiny and succulent, and delicately layered in its beauty.

I decided to give one to The Tall Hedonist to braai, and I kept one for indoor cooking.

Tuna two ways

The Tall Hedonist couldn’t light the fire quick enough. After coating the steak with a  glug of good quality olive oil, black sesame seeds and salt flakes, he seared it over hot coals in the grid.

Disclaimer: Even though we eat rare tuna, we decided to cook the tuna to a good medium in both instances.

Whilst he was lovingly tending to his braai steak, I went back to basics with my steak. Roast baby potatoes in the skins with fresh rosemary, thyme and lemon. The tuna steak  was coated in a soy basting with garlic, chilli, spring onion and white wine vinegar. Served with a fresh rocket salad and more zesty lemon drizzles, this is a baking sheet dinner winner.

Once Tim’s sesame steak was griddled to perfection, we prepared the noodle bowls. Egg noodles, roasted corn, steamed baby marrow and slices of meaty tuna, topped with caramelised limes and soy sauce. Delish.

We had tuna with mashed root vegetables and tender-stem broccoli the next night. We finished off the last of our tuna the night after with a creamy pasta and zucchini dish. Four main meals for two adults. Not only tasty, but wholesomely healthy, packed with protein and deliciously satisfying. Meat-free Monday has never looked this good before.

In conclusion

Past experiences show that I’m no good at buying and choosing fresh fish. After my Greenfish experience, though, I now know that fish should not be bought from a super market. Ever. You leave the fishy business to the experts.

It’s great to know that I can trust Greenfish to delivery quality, fresh fish and other seafood to my door. Fish that not only tastes amazing, but that also ticks all the environmental boxes to ensure it’s a safe, sustainable and responsible way of harvesting from Mother Nature’s pantry. It’s a business fueled by absolute passion – a passion for our oceans, a passion for fish and a passion for customer service.

A big thank you to Greenfish for opening your waters to the general public during a time when it was difficult to find quality, fresh produce. I for one, will continue to make use of your service. I’m no fishy expert, but now I know a whole family who are.

Disclaimer: I was given this product(s) as part of a press drop in exchange for my honest and truthful opinion and review thereof. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are solely those of The Little Hedonist, given in good faith and in no way influenced by the company or its affiliates. All images, unless otherwise stated/credited, are also my own.

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