{news} Elgin CRUNCH! Pinot Noir 2019 – nature’s definitive collaboration between humans and grape

Known for producing outstanding certified biodynamic and organic wines, Elgin Ridge Wines’ CRUNCH! Pinot Noir 2019 adds further endorsement to what the dynamic duo, Brian and Marion Smith are all about. Grounded humans and enlightened grapes equal honest wines.

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Made with whole bunch natural ferments (50%), the wine was left to age in concrete eggs for seven months, resulting in an everyday drinking wine. The process that the wine goes through is perfectly described as a combination of natural, old school and innovative techniques – a harmonious partnership between old and new. Another stand out feature of the CRUNCH! is that, although in cork, there is no foil or wax wrapping. This has been done deliberately to best illustrate Brian and Marion’s philosophy of their ‘feet on the ground’ approach.

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A red wine with tastes of Summer, the CRUNCH! Pinot Noir 2019 is young and fresh – perfect for all year-round enjoyment. With aromatics of intense raspberries and cranberries that carries over to the palate with a salinity that leaves your mouth watering for more. As we head into the colder months the wine is match made in foodie heaven when served with light pasta and rice dishes, as well as seafood and believe it or not even goats’ cheeses.

The CRUNCH! Pinot Noir 2019, a favourite amongst wine enthusiasts, is available directly from the farm at R125 per bottle.

For more information on Elgin Ridge Wines and their range visit www.elginridge.com.

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