{wine} Roodeberg Classic Rosé 2020 calls for summer nostalgia

A bottle of Roodeberg wine is so much more than just something to sip. The Roodeberg Classic Rosé 2020 is an invitation to linger longer around the table, to create memories and to reminisce about those long gone.


Roodeberg, the cherished South African classic for over 70 years, has released the 2020 vintage of its vibrant Rosé just in time for springtime sipping. I almost instantaneously associate Roodeberg with heritage and tradition; with days gone by and nostalgic trips down memory lane. Every family has a generational story to tell about Roodeberg wines, and I’ve grown up listening to my mom recount many Roodeberg moments.

The eternal Rosé lover, I was delighted to receive a bottle of their Classic Rosé 2020 recently, aptly delivered with a stunning floral face mask. Having indulged in most of the previous vintages, I knew that this one was going to be something special.


The story of Roodeberg spans over seven decades, and is still being written. From the very beginnings of the South African wine industry, Roodeberg personified the typical Cape red blend. A wine so sought-after that it was a powerful bartering tool, a collector’s item, a fixture on dinner tables and a taste of home for those abroad. Today it is still one of the country’s best known and loved brands, bringing people together with universal appeal across all ages and walks of life (https://www.roodeberg.com/our-story/).

Roodeberg Classic Rosé 2020

For me, there is no exact or “perfect” pairing for a good bottle of rosé. I prefer to pair my rosé with moments, memories and people, rather than a specific dish or ingredient. Rosé is the type of wine that is forgiving and accommodating; it finds something to uplift in whatever you enjoy in its company.

Tasting notes:  Subtle aromas of strawberry, candy floss and raspberry, as well as hints of rose petals and Turkish delight. The palate is fresh and bright, with a good acidity and fruity, long finish.
In the vineyard:  54% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Shiraz, 11% Mourvedre
Ageing potential:  Enjoy now or cellar for up to 24 months from vintage.
Cellar door price:  approx. R80 a bottle, available at leading stores countrywide or the Roodeberg Emporium.

A Roodeberg moment

As I poured my first glass, I was immediately transported back to the school bazaars and church fetes of my childhood, held in the lazy summer months before Christmas. If I close my eyes, I can once again feel the sun on my neck, hear the two-man band playing some country tunes, smell the warm cotton candy machines and see the Tombola table.

I always made a beeline for the dessert table, where the town’s best home bakers displayed their puddings in little tupperware rounds, and I’d quickly skim the laden table for the trifle. Stuffed to the brim, the custard almost oozes out of the lid. I still look for the trifle, when I indulge in my annual bazaar visit. The smell of red jelly mingled with the floral aroma of the Roodeberg rosé as I poured my first glass, and I couldn’t help smiling at the fleeting reels of memories that carnival’ed through my mind. Ah, there it is; that happy nostalgia mixed with yet another Roodeberg moment.

Bazaar trifle

Inspired by my love for trifle, it seemed an obvious pairing for the rosé and a beautiful tribute to Roodeberg. I layered gem-like shards of jelly with slices of jam-roll,  ultra-creamy custard and a few scatterings of strawberries. It was a terribly difficult affair to photograph, but it tasted just how I remembered it after all these years. I didn’t add any cream or sherry to it; but for an extra decadent touch, you could add a drop of both.

As difficult as it was, I let it stand for a few hours, so that the cake could soak up the lovely custard and jelly flavours. I didn’t mind waiting – I was in good company with my bottle of rosé. The Tall Hedonist, on the other hand, could hardly wait to tuck in.

In conclusion

Building on my childhood memories, I created a new tradition with Roodeberg’s Classic Rosé 2020. I don’t think I could make trifle again without opening a gorgeously blush bottle to accompany it, but also the other way around. And that to me is the best way to experience life; with all your senses, in totality.

Thank you, Roodeberg, for allowing me to build on a collection of memories and traditions so carefully crafted through your years of excellent wine making. 

Disclaimer: I was given this product(s) as part of a press drop in exchange for my honest and truthful opinion and review thereof. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are solely those of The Little Hedonist, given in good faith and in no way influenced by the company or its affiliates. All images, unless otherwise stated / credited, are also my own.

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