{wine} De Krans’ Moscato: a festive tribute to the muscadel grape

As the mornings draw lighter, so does my taste for wine. With just a little bit of a sparkle, De Krans Wines‘ range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic Premium Moscato Perlé wines make for a great, refreshing summer sipper, especially when paired with great company. This year has been a tough one, and I’ll be taking every opportunity to make the celebration just a little bit sweeter.


With the summer season on our doorstep, my taste for wine lightens and my palate yearns for refreshment, something quenching and not too heavy. Even my choice of red wines become sprightlier, steering away from moody, full-bodied reds. Served icy with just a hint of cheeky sparkle, De Krans generously made sure that I’m stocked up on their Moscato Perlé wines.

If you’re unsure about what a Moscato wine is, you can read my blog here, where I explain the origins of Moscato.

The range

The De Krans Premium Moscato range consists of the Premium White Moscato Perlé, Premium Red Moscato Perlé as well as the brand-new De Krans Muscat Nectar Alcohol – Free Sparkling.

The idea behind this range was to embrace the muscadel grape that is so synonymous with the Klein Karoo, but to present it in a sophisticated, easy drinking and refined way that elevates the muscat flavours.

What also makes these wines special and very consumer friendly, are the lower alcohol levels of 7.5% and 8.5% for the White and Red Moscato respectively. Perfect for a brunch or even a cocktail mixer. The Premium Moscato range is also often used as an alternative for a bubbly – a more affordable and low–alcohol alternative that works great with all palates (press release).

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De Krans Wine Cellar is situated along the upper reaches of the picturesque Gamka River Valley in Calitzdorp in the Klein Karoo. The rich and long history of the farm dates to 1890.

The first Portuguese grape variety in Calitzdorp was planted in 1973 at De Krans by a twist of fate. Chris Nel, father of Boets & Stroebel Nel, intended to plant Shiraz, which turned out to be Tinta Barocca, when the newly planted vineyard started bearing grapes in 1976! Since 1985 other classic Portuguese varieties, such as Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Amarela and Souzão, have been planted.

De Krans is widely known as one of the leading producers of port-style wines, as well as one of the most innovative cellars in South Africa.  The cellar has won more than 700 medals and awards (including multiple Veritas and Michelangelo double gold and gold awards) in the past 30 years (https://dekrans.co.za/about-us/).  

Premium Red Moscato Perlé 2019

Tasting notes:  berries, litchi, soft prunes and muscat, with strawberries, blackcurrants and exotic spice on the palate. Complex mouth feel and a crisp finish. Best served chilled.
In the vineyard:   Muscadel with 15 % Pinotage added
Cellar door price:  approx. R70 per bottle

Premium White Moscato Perlé 2019

Tasting notes: muscat, litchi, apricots and other tropical fruits with hints of honey and exotic spice on the palate. Best served chilled.
In the vineyard:   Muscadel
Cellar door price:  approx. R70 per bottle

Muscat Nectar Alcohol – Free Sparkling

Tasting notes:  flavour profile similar to the White Moscato, with muscat, litchi, apricots and other tropical fruits with hints of honey and exotic spice on the palate. Best served chilled.
In the vineyard:   Muscadel and Hanepoot juice, naturally semi-sweet juice with a slight fizz
Cellar door price:  approx. R58 per bottle

Festive treats

I couldn’t think of a better occasion than an icy glass of Moscato to put together my first festive treat wreath for the season. I love making snack wreaths, whether it’s savoury or sweet, these cheerful platters of nibbles speak straight to the heart.

When I was considering what to serve, I simply had to keep in mind the incredibly deep, natural fruit flavours that the Moscato offers in every sip. I’m amazed at the sheer juiciness and delicious sweetness it holds, without anything added to achieve the taste. De Krans managed to showcase the versatility of the humble muscadel grape in this range of Premium Moscato range, and now also in the non-alcoholic Muscat Nectar. I wanted food items that will be lifted and accentuated by the fruitiness of the wine, whilst balancing the sweeter notes with some herby, earthy flavours.

I carefully fried my herby mozzarella arancini balls until golden perfection, the perfect sidekick for a glass of icy white Moscato. I added thin slices of seared picanha steak to the platter to indulge the more savoury red Moscato. Celebrating our local and seasonal stone fruit, the baked nectarines with cream cheese and black forest ham paired a dream with both red and white. All served with a side of fresh salsa verde, it was a platter well worth spending time over.

Fizz without the fuzz

Without a doubt, I love the gorgeous roundedness of the alcohol-free Muscat Nectar just as it is. A refreshing, fruity drink with it’s slight effervescence, which looks every bit as elegant in a pretty glass as any other drink.

I wanted to match my alcohol free Nectar to the festivities of my treat wreath, so I decided to decant a bottle into a shapely jug and add a few hedonistic twists to it.

I first added just a touch of litchi-infused sparkling water to the spritzer, followed with handfuls of sliced nectarine, fresh mint from the garden and blueberries, all seasonal and bright. I let the spritzer’s components converse with each other in the fridge before serving in my stunning new Riedel sours glasses, as seen as part of their brand new mixology range. Topped with nectarine hearts, it’s a drink that pays tribute to the roots of our soil, whilst guaranteed to get you humming “Jingle Bells” softly as you sip.

In conclusion

This summer I’ll definitely be keeping a few bottles of De Krans‘ Moscato chilling in my fridge. The beauty of these wines are that they are absolutely suited to most palates. Easy to dress them up or down, they are absolutely fitted to any occasion, too. I don’t know why they make me all festive, but I’ll take it. This year has been one filled with challenges and change; and I’ll gratefully accept any reason to keep my glass overflowing to celebrate those small victories inbetween.

Thank you, De Krans Wines, for giving us something to celebrate this festive season. I know that I’ll happily be raising a glass or three of Moscato over the summer to celebrate those little happy moments in life. Cheers!

Disclaimer: I was given this product(s) as part of a press drop in exchange for my honest and truthful opinion and review thereof. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are solely those of The Little Hedonist, given in good faith and in no way influenced by the company or its affiliates. All images, unless otherwise stated / credited, are also my own.

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