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{product} As retro as a fish bowl: Fitch & Leedes introduces Classics & Moments

January 22, 2021

Summer and cocktails are synonymous for me. Fitch & Leedes has made it even easier for you to indulge with their incredible new Moments and Classics ranges of retro-mixers and mocktails.


Since I’ve grown up and realised that a cocktail doesn’t have to be a “one-shot-of-everything-in-the-bar” type of drink, I’ve come to appreciate the subtle art of mixed drinks a lot more. To me, the best kind of cocktail is the come-together of one or two great spirits and a quality mixer, served in a stunning glass. The simplicity of a cocktail is an art; the pleasure of it lies in the colour, the presentation and harmony of flavours.

On the flip side, mixed drinks generally offer massive amounts of sugar and calories, and the amount of alcohol becomes delicately masked in fruitiness and garnish. With a massive surge towards more conscious drinking these days, there is a growing demand for mocktails and mixed drink alternatives, to better fit into a healthier lifestyle.

I was childishly excited when I received two sleek black boxes from Fitch & Leedes toward the end of last year, each holding a range of new offerings from everyone’s favourite premium mixer brand. And the cherry on top? They are retro-inspired, with a delicious twist on classic drinks.


Get a taste of old Hollywood glamour this summer with Classics and Moments, a brand new selection of timeless 300ml soft drinks and mocktails from Fitch & Leedes, the premium range of authentic mixers (press release).


Fitch & Leedes Classics will take you down memory lane with cherished retro favourites. Classics Ginger Beer has the authentic fiery kick of ginger spice. Classics Passionade is a modern twist on passionfruit and lemonade, while Classics Lime Twist is a refreshing take on lime and soda. Classics Rock Shandy is the beloved Irish mix of soda, lemonade and bitters with a dash of allspice.


Fitch & Leedes Moments vintage mocktails are the ultimate non-alcoholic alternative to keep the party going all summer.  Moments Blushing Mimosa is the perfect stand-in for this popular sparkling wine and orange juice classic, with an added shot of cranberry.

Moments Shirley Temple is a remake of this Hollywood classic in honour of the famous child star of the 1930s. Savour the creamy taste of raspberry sherbet of this lightly sparkling mocktail.

Moments Pink G&T is a sequel to the time-honoured gin and tonic with bitter citrus notes of juniper berries melded with fresh cucumber and fragrant rosewater.

Moments Island Fish Bowl is a tropical burst of coconut and the sweet-bitter citrus taste of blue curaçao liqueur. Let this gently sparkling, island-style mocktail take you to sandy white beaches and crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.

Fitch & Leedes Moments & Classics collections are available at leading stores from R9.99 per 300ml can for Classics and R59.99 per 6-pack, while Moments sell at around R12.99 per 300ml can and R79.99 per 6-pack. For online purchases visit https://www.fitchleedes.co.za/order-online.

Retro spuds and sips

I couldn’t think of any appetizer more retro than filled potato skins. It seemed a suitable companion for a table full of icy mocktails, and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Super simple to prepare, these fluffy retro spuds are filled with a creamy mix of mashed potato, crispy bacon, mature cheddar cheese, sour cream and spring onion. Baked to crispy golden deliciousness, it’s perfectly balanced with a Fitch & Leedes mocktail in the other hand.

I particularly enjoyed the Moments Pink G&T mocktail, and it’s definitely a drink I would enjoy anywhere. Served in a stunning Riedel mixology Nick & Nora glass, it’s every bit as elegant as its alcoholic counterpart, and tastes simply delicious.

The generous cans are also extremely pretty in design, and looks elegant when placed on the table. I think these could be great for birthdays, bachelorettes, wedding favours or themed parties (not that we’re allowed any of those at the moment!). Each plump 300ml can serves two standard glasses, meaning it’s perfect for road-trips, picnics and other al-fresco dining adventures, with plenty to go around.

I also adored the Moments Fish Bowl mocktail (served in a Riedel sours glass), with its delicate coconut taste, and the shocking blue colour makes for a very eye-catching drink, reminiscent of those fish bowls we used to share with thick black straws. The Classics Passionade, according to The Tall Hedonist, tastes better than any other commercial equivalent, and the Classics Lime Twist is the perfect refresher for a hot summer’s day. I recommend serving these quenchers in the Riedel Highball glass).

To mock or not to mock?

Even though I’m presenting the Classics and Moments ranges as non-alcoholic mixers and mocktails, they will be perfectly paired with your tipple of choice. A vodka and Passionade? Classic. What about your favourite bubbles and the Blushing Mimosa? A complete glam moment right there. Rum and Ginger Beer or what about a dash of gin in your Pink G & T? It’s all yours to mix with, ready for your favourite serve.

In conclusion

A great addition to the Fitch & Leedes portfolio, these Classics and Moments ranges are sleek, stylish and filled with the exceptional flavours we’ve come to expect from the hip peeps at Fitch & Leeds. The cans are perfect for celebrating even those in-between moments, because, let’s face it, with a Shirley Temple mocktail in hand, surely you can’t feel anything but festive!

Thank you, Fitch & Leedes, for making my weekend sundowners just that little more retro, and for reminding me to appreciate every single “cheers” moment in life, whether they’re alcoholic or not! #FitchMoments #FitchClassics

Disclaimer: I was given this product(s) as part of a press drop in exchange for my honest and truthful opinion and review thereof. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are solely those of The Little Hedonist, given in good faith and in no way influenced by the company or its affiliates. All images, unless otherwise stated / credited, are also my own.

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