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{bubbles} How to make my eyes sparkle: L’Ormarins Cap Classique

March 23, 2021

The best type of food and wine pairing, is the one you enjoy the most. So please excuse me whilst I indulge in my favourite L’Ormarins bubbly and chocolate brownies…


There’s something so magical about a beautifully poured glass of Cap Classique – the way the bubbles continuously loop to the surface, only to explode in tiny pops of intense aroma. The almost gem-like colour of the liquid, ranging from golden sunset to pale straw to salmon pink, and then the fine mousse, worn like a royal crown.

Most often, I enjoy a glass of CC on its own. For me, it’s a full-mouth experience that needs no companions; a pairing appreciated on its own, without adding any boldness to something so deliciously fragrant and textured.

Toward the end of last year, I received a gorgeous gift from Anthonij Rupert Wyne  – a bottle each of their  L’Ormarins Cap Classique. I received them with abundant gratitude, for my little hedonistic heart truly belongs to a quality, local Cap Classique over most other indulgences.

I needed to send off 2020 on a good note, to try and mitigate for its harshness. And the only thing I could think of adding to my bubbly celebration, was a pan of homemade beetroot brownies.


In recent years South Africa has firmly established itself as one of the world’s leading sparkling wine producing countries, which includes the acclaimed L’Ormarins Cap Classique range from Anthonij Rupert Wyne. Situated in the Franschhoek Wine Valley the brand is home to four Cap Classique style wines –Brut Rosé 2015, Blanc de Blancs 2013, Brut Classique NV and Brut Rosé NV (press release).

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L’Ormarins Blanc de Blancs 2013

Tasting notes:The palate is lip-smackingly taut, zesty and crisp on entry. Bright and fresh with tangy lemon- and grapefruit vivacity – that then makes way for riper, fleshier fruit – generous orange, apple- and stone fruit flavour. The wine then broadens out on the mid-palate with a creamier, fuller-bodied richness taking over before it tightens once more with a defined, dry and crisp tail.
In the vineyard: 100% Chardonnay
In the cellar: Approximately 20% of the Blanc de Blancs is barrel-fermented and the base wine settled and racked off its lees.
Awards & Accolades: Méthode Cap Classique of the Year at the 2020 SA Women’s Wine & Spirit Awards
Cellar door price: 
 approx. R230 per bottle

L’Ormarins Brut Rosé 2015

Tasting notes: aromas of framboise and strawberries on the nose. The palate is vivid with lively bubbles of bright red berries and a crisp acidity. Providing equilibrium are rich, creamy lees notes and toasted biscuit flavours from its secondary fermentation in
bottle. Delightfully playful yet serious with good structure, length and a clean, focused finish.
In the vineyard: 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay
In the cellar: A long, slow secondaryfermentation commences with a further 2-4 years of bottle maturation on the lees. During the disgorging process we add dosage (a mixture of base wine and sugar), and after disgorgement, the bottles are kept for about 3 months before being released into the market.
Awards & Accolades: Méthode Cap Classique of the Year at the 2020 SA Women’s Wine & Spirit Awards
Cellar door price: 
approx. R165 per bottle

Brownies and bubbles

A slightly unconventional pairing, you might think, but there’s a very good reason why chocolate and Cap Classique are both in the top five list for most romantic foods. A sheer indulgent treat, the intensity of the dark cocoa is uplifted by the airiness of the Cap Classique, and the smooth-palate experience deepened.

The red berry palate of the Brut Rosé plays with the fruit notes of the unsweetened cocoa powder, whilst it sidles up to the woody sweetness of the roasted beets. Beetroot can sometimes taste overwhelmingly earthy to some palates, so the bright berry flavours of the Rosé seems a gorgeous way to mellow out that moodiness.

This is a pairing that doesn’t lull the senses into harmony – it rather challenges your palate to wake up and make sense of the combination of flavours you are presenting it with. A re-awakening, if I may. I particularly love the clash of textures; the sensory-intense, almost gritty bites of chewy brownie cake, followed by a velvety yet perky and vibrant mouthful of Cap Classique. A simple pairing, reserved for the most celebratory of moments, which in The Little House, is often a daily occurrence.

In conclusion

I’m a strong believer that the best pairing is the one you enjoy most; the one that makes you close your eyes in absolute delight, the pairing that makes you feel warm and loved from the inside out. 

Thank you, Anthonij Rupert Wyne and L’Ormarins, for adding that little extra whimsy to every day with your stunning Cap Classiques!

Disclaimer: I was given this product(s) as part of a press drop in exchange for my honest and truthful opinion and review thereof. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are solely those of The Little Hedonist, given in good faith and in no way influenced by the company or its affiliates. All images, unless otherwise stated / credited, are also my own.

The Little Hedonist endorses responsible drinking.
Don’t drink and drive. Not for persons under 18.

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