{wine} Fish on Friday: Diemersdal’s Sauvignon Blanc 2021

With Durbanville at the opposite side from where I’m swinging my feet in the False Bay waters, I’m always grateful when a bottle from this wine valley lands on my doorstep. I was particularly delighted with the cross-country trek of a bottle of Diemersdal Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2021, the first to launch in South Africa.


I won’t dwell on my love-hate relationship with Sauvignon Blanc too much. We all know by now that my heart mostly belongs to the richer, moodier Chardonnay cousin. Having said that, when I find “the” bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, there are very few things in life that can parallel the experience of the first sip.

I prefer my Sauvignon Blanc crisp and clean, with a slow, luxurious mellowing into that signature tropical cocktail of ripe yellow fruits. I also particularly appreciate a Sauvignon Blanc that showcases a hint of minerality – a flinty reminder of the earth it once drew its energy from. A quick flash-back, if you will, to the story of the vines that carried these humble fruits.

My first taste of Diemersdal, I was elated to receive a bottle of their Sauvignon Blanc 2021 recently. From what I read and researched, I knew it was going to be an Easter weekend wine.


Diemersdal Wines are the perfect expression of the distinct Durbanville terroir; the sum of the complex interaction between topography, soil content and climate. The combination of excellent soil, varying aspect, slopes and the high rainfall of 700mm per year all contribute to the uniqueness of Diemersdal Wines (https://diemersdal.co.za/our-story/).

SA’s first Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Just over a month after beginning its 2021 harvest, Diemersdal Estate from Durbanville has bottled its first Sauvignon Blanc, the estate’s signature grape variety. The Diemersdal Sauvignon Blanc 2021 hit the market on 5 March, the first Sauvignon Blanc from this year’s Cape vintage to be found on shelf. Says Thys Louw, Diemersdal’s owner-winemaker,

“We are in a fortunate position to, despite the crisis caused by Covid and the lockdown on wine sales, have customers clamouring for our Sauvignon Blanc from the new vintage. This, as well as the quality of this year’s grapes being conducive to a quick ferment and a short stay to settle in tank, has allowed us to come out with the Cape’s first Sauvignon Blanc of the 2021 vintage.”

Diemersdal Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Tasting notes:  The nose is complex with and array of tropical fruit, ripe figs and gooseberries. These crisp flavours repeat in the mouth, along with a mineral character followed by a long fruity finish. The distinctive aromas support a wonderfully balanced palate, presenting purity of ripe fruit, coupled with a lingering harmonious finish.
In the vineyard:  The grapes were night harvested at different stages of ripeness, with the blocks harvested and vinified separately. 5 different clones were used.

In the cellar:  Skin contact of 3-12 hours, pressed and settled for 6 -12 hours.
Cellar door price:  
   approx. R75 per bottle

Easter Friday fish and Sauvignon Blanc

On Easter Friday we headed down to the Kalk Bay Fish Market to see what came off the boats that morning. A quick glance made me squeal with delight as my eye caught the golden band of a yellowtail, glistening in the sun. Two beautiful braai-ready fillets later and we headed home to light the fire.

With its high oil content, I find yellowtail a gorgeous fish to roast over the coals with minimal intervention. I did a quick basting of EVOO, garden herbs, fresh lemon slices and salt and pepper. It needs nothing more. The firm, meaty sides of the fish offer a robust canvas for the Sauvignon Blanc to colour with its lively acidity.

Served straight from the grid, I added my iteration of a caprese salad to the table, along with two glasses and the bottle of the hour. I must admit, I savoured my first few sips without any interference of food or flavour; just quietly appreciating the excitingly deep levels of flavour and aroma of the Durbanville terroir.

In conclusion

I often find joy in the simplest of things. A humble meal of fish and salad, a bottle of wine that reminds you exactly how much you love your country and its people, a moment to feel grateful without obstruction, free from condition.

Thank you, Diemersdal, for being part of our Easter weekend, and for letting me share in your latest harvest.

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