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{connect} Flavour of the month: let’s talk Harmony Avs

September 28, 2021

More than ever before, there’s a need to move closer to nature; to nuture our bodies and minds from its fertile soils and to rely on the seasons to fill our pantries. ZZ2 Afrikado is now making this harmonious partnership with nature even easier with their all-year, all-season range of Harmony Avs.

Avs all year round?

It’s a beautiful thing when the planet’s wellbeing is aligned with ours and magic happens when we listen to Mother Nature’s voice. She provides us with a rainbow of beautiful produce, showcasing the best of every season for our enjoyment.

With a little help from nature, ZZ2 has hand-picked 12 different beautiful avocados varieties and made available to you in their prime months, so you can enjoy your favourite fruit all year round. Amidst the chaos of our busy lives, we need to learn to slow down and to tune into the harmonies of Mother Nature’s beautiful song.

So, what are you waiting for?

Superfood for the seasons

When you choose to eat local and seasonal, you choose to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables at its optimal best, packed with natural flavour, nutrients, and fresh, juicy goodness. They are more vibrant in colour, their textures are firm and delicious and their environmental footprint so much smaller than their imported counterparts. Plus, they’re more affordable, meaning you can spend less money on more nutritious foods.

If that’s not enough, eating in harmony with nature means you are helping to support our local farmers who work tirelessly to provide us with the healthiest, most wholesome foods, when it’s best served.

What a beautiful way to create a sense of harmony between us and Mother Earth, one seasonal fruit at a time. Just as nature intended.

Be avo savvy and eat in harmony with nature

Now that we understand seasonality and the importance of buying locally grown produce, let’s get to the inside scoop – Harmony Avs.

With Harmony Avs, you can eat locally grown avocados all year round.  ZZ2 Afrikado is now making it possible to have this super food available at your fingertips all year round.  They have 12 varietals that ripen at different times of the year so that you can have locally grown avos all the time and at any time.

Avos may vary in size, shape and colour, taste and texture, but the essence of goodness, nutrition and flavour is always the same.   This ‘Green Gold’ is Mother Nature’s richest resource and she offers it to us in abundance all year round.  I mean, the more avs, the merrier, right?


The time is ripe for us all to join #TheHarmonyWay, giving back to our precious planet by honouring her seasons and offerings. I’m incredibly excited to share more about ZZ2 Afrikado and Harmony Avs over the next few months, so make sure to follow the hashtag for delicious content, recipes and avo-facts. Together we can create a more harmonious future by making better decisions for our planet and our bodies today.

Join the #HarmonyWay movement!

For more information on the #HarmonyWay movement, ZZ2 Afrikado and Harmony Avs, please visit:

Also, remember to check back next week for some amazing avs recipes from The Little Kitchen

This content piece has been created in proud collaboration with ZZ2 and Harmony Avs



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