{connect} HASS you got your avs for October?

With Harmony Avs, you can eat locally grown avocados all year round.  ZZ2 Afrikado is now making it possible to have this super food available at your fingetips all year round.  They have 12 varietals that ripen at different times of the year so that you can have locally grown avos all the time and at any time.

Paying for convenience

Did you know that very often the “ripe and ready” avs that you find in your local supermarket have been imported from countries like Spain and Israel, and that is why they are so expensive? Putting aside the massive carbon footprint these have, you are not only paying for a slight convenience, but also for import taxes, transport and cold storage of these fruits. Plus, many of the imported avs have been harvested more than 4 weeks prior to it reaching the local storage rooms, never mind your fridge. These temptingly ripe imported avs can cost you up to R35 per fruit, where a bag of five or six unripe avs are about R40.

It’s exactly for this reason that ZZ2 Afrikado encourages you to support your local avs growers, and indulge in their year-long seasonal offering of this green super fruit. By choosing local avs varieties, you are helping a whole cycle of sustainability – from the farm workers to the farmer, to the local economy and at the end, also your health. It all makes sense, just as goodness should.

HASS you met before?

At the moment, keep a look-out for gorgeously knobbly and dark Hass and Lamb Hass avs, as these are the local varieties that are currently available. Not imported, not artificially ripened – just pure, natural goodness from our own soils. Perfectly in season, just as Mother Nature intended.

Based on the South African Avocado Growers’ Association (SAAGA), 80% of avocado trees produced in South African nurseries are the dark-skinned Hass and Hass-type cultivars such as Carmen, Gem, Lamb-Hass and Maluma. 


Hass avs are the most commonly known varietal type of avs. Available for the most part of the year from May through to October, this is my favourite varietal. It might look a bit gnarly and unappetising, but underneath that tough exterior lies the delicately smooth flesh of one of Mother Nature’s biggest indulgences.

Characteristics: easy to peel, easy to scoop
Appearance: egg shaped, thick, knobbly, dark skin, medium in size. Changes from dark green to deep purple in colour when ripe.
firm flesh with a smooth, creamy texture and rich nutty flavour
Availability: May to October

Lamb Hass

The Lamb Hass Avocado tree is a hybrid of the well-known and popular Hass Avocado and Gwen Avocado. It has been introduced to lengthen the fruit season, stretching it by a few months until November. It’s also bred to produce larger fruit.

Characteristics:  easy to peel, easy to scoop
Appearance: pear-shaped with a shiny textured skin, more square at the shoulder (stem). Unlike Hass, it may turn deep purple before ripening.
firm flesh with a smooth, creamy texture and rich nutty flavour
Availability: August to November

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This content piece has been created in proud collaboration with ZZ2 and Harmony Avs

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