{connect} Health and festivities – how to make guilt-free choices this summer 

We work so hard the whole year when it comes to making healthy lifestyle choices and decisions, only for it to, very often, be lost over one too many mince pies during the summer holidays.  

How can we carry through our healthy habits into the festive season? I’ve put together some great tips, with the help of ZZ2 Afrikado Harmony Avs, on how you can make healthier choices whilst on holiday – whether away or at home! 

Think about your food 

Easier said than done, but we all need to practice mindfulness when it comes to what we consume over the festive period. The temptation to overindulge is real, but if we just pause for a few seconds and think about what we are about to eat and drink, it could help to curb the desire to graze the buffet table. 

Never skip breakfast 

Make sure you start your day with a good breakfast. With ZZ2 Afrikado’s Harmony Avs, you can now indulge in your favourite avs all year long! Avs on toast, avs with egg, or even an avs smoothie are all great, energy-packed ways to start your day. Because avocados are high in good fats and fiber, they can help you feel more satisfied and keep you feeling full for longer. 

Plan ahead 

With a bit more time on our hands over the holidays, you can plan your meals in advance, and even prep some healthy options for the week! Think of salad jars, stir-fry’s or even roast veggie meals that can all be easily packed in Tupperware containers and stored in the fridge, ready for when the craving hits. 

Snack consciously 

There is nothing wrong with snacking, when done consciously. In the beginning it will take a bit of will-power to choose the right snacks but eating healthy can also be tasty! Swap out sugary sweets with nuts, salads, whole fruits or wholewheat grains. The more natural colour you can add to your snack, the better! One of my favourite snacks are crudites with a creamy avs guacamole. Delicious, and hits every spot!  

Avoid the sauces 

A condiment on most tables, ready-to-pour sauces are very often loaded with sugar. We add them to our food for flavour and texture, but did you know that you can get that same satisfaction from avs? Avs are deliciously creamy and even better than a cream sauce in pastas, salads and even desserts. It also adds that yumminess to sandwiches you’d usually get from adding a sauce. 

 Drink plenty of water 

Very often we’d feel hungry, but in fact we are dehydrated, and the body requires water to continue with vital functions. Make sure to drink plenty of water during the day, and even more so during the summer, when it’s hotter. It’s important to replenish liquids lost, and it will also help fight unnecessary cravings that might be misleading. 

Join the #HarmonyWay movement!

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Also, remember to check back next week for some amazing avs recipes from The Little Kitchen

This content piece has been created in proud collaboration with ZZ2 and Harmony Avs




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