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{news} Lean into the joy of a bountiful summer season with Carmién Tea

January 25, 2022

Gift with intent

Whether you are rounding up presents for family and friends, or sourcing corporate gifts for a local SME or even a great, big multinational company, gifting with intent pays forward your good intentions.

See, when you choose a beautiful Carmién Tea gift box or gift card to show your appreciation, your support helps to create safe, sustainable and uplifting job opportunities for members from the vulnerable Citrusdal community who are upskilled and supported to uplift themselves and their families in many different ways. 

TOP TIP: If you are looking for something extra special, consider a gift from the LMC collection. Inspired by the original Rooibos Collection, this range is hand-tailored and selected by Lize du Preez, and handcrafted with care by expert collaborator brands such as Carmién Tea.

Entertain like a pro

Be ready to wow all of your guests this summer, whether they are teething, teenagers, or teetotal. The Carmién Tea collection offers something for everyone, and can be incorporated into your #20tea22 hosting arsenal in so many ways. Here are a few fun ideas:

  • Steep one of our Kiddies teas, add some fresh fruit and freeze it to make amazing ice lollies to hand out around the pool.
  • Running a guest house, hotel or Airbnb location these holidays? Add a selection of cold brew teas to the cupboard and leave your guests a little note on how to use it. Guests from abroad will love this warm-weather take on this classic beverage.
  • Make delicious mocktails using our fruit and herbal infusion teas as a base. Go bonkers with fruit, fresh edible flowers, and pretty accessories. It’s completely refreshing and adds a dash of panache to any festive event.

TOP TIP: Leftover Carmién Tea in the pot? Add it to a little spritz bottle with a few drops of your favourite skin-calming essential oil (we love lavender or sweet orange), keep it in the fridge and give yourself a little spritz on the neck and/or face when the weather gets a little too hot to handle.

Indulge with vitality in mind

The summer season is always a little more indulgent than normal; that’s half the fun! However, it helps to keep things on an even keel by indulging with vitality in mind.

Adding any of our natural rooibos teas to our daily routine will ensure that you  and your crew stay hydrated and address any oxidative stress on your holiday body straight off the bat. Also keep an eye out for our NEW range of teas that will be launched soon…

This includes:

  • Boost with Vit C and zinc for improved immunity
  • Meno with raspberry leaf for all stages of womanhood (especially menopause)
  • Calm with CBD to unwind and destress

Yes? Yes! We hope that you will find plenty of joy in your #20tea22 season, and that there will be a well-deserved Carmién Tea moment every day that reminds you to take a step back and drink it all in.

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