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{connect} Let’s talk antioxidants: EVOO, pumpkin & dark choc tea loaf

April 8, 2022

Let’s talk about antioxidants. By now, we all know that EVOO is incredibly nutritious and beneficial to your health when added to your diet responsibly.  With SA Olive Industry‘s incredible range of extra virgin olive oils, you can add that super boost of antioxidants to every cake and bake!


What you might not have known, is that EVOO is packed with antioxidants. With powerful biological effects, antioxidants can fight inflammation (and in turn keep your heart healthy) and may also reduce your risk of chronic diseases and other health issues.

Furthermore, because EVOO undergoes the least amount of processing of all types of olive oils, it contains so much more antioxidants in comparison.

All about antioxidants

Coupled with two more antioxidant-rich ingredients, I’m pretty sure my SA Olive Industry EVOO, pumpkin and 70% dark chocolate tea loaf should be deemed as a superfood. 

Pumpkins contain antioxidants that can neutralize free radicals, stopping them from damaging your cells, whilst raw, unprocessed cocoa beans are among the highest-scoring foods that have been tested in terms of their antioxidant load.

EVOO contains a specific type of antioxidant that promotes overall good health. They’re called phenols and are one of olive oil’s champion characteristics, and a reason you should include EVOO in your daily cooking and baking.

Extra virgin olive oil contains over 20 different phenols with the main phenol being Hydroxytyrosol, as well as to Oleocanthal and Oleuropein. Antioxidants, such as the phenols found in olive oil, work to help neutralize free radicals. This, in turn, keeps the heart healthy and protects your cells. And, you know that bitter taste you get from a good quality EVOO? That’s Oleuropein, one of the main phenols in olive oil, and very healthy for you!

Now that you know all about antioxidants, could I perhaps interest you in the recipe of my EVOO, pumpkin and dark chocolate tea loaf? It’s for your own good health!

About SA Olive

SA Olive, the association representing the interests of the South African olive industry, has just launched its fresh new website and it is full of goodness. From the latest in news and events, to tips and tricks on growing, curing and tasting olives, this site is a hub of information for anyone interested in this burgeoning South African industry and its wonderful people and produce.

And whilst you’re there, you’ll find me there, too, alongside other great SA Olive Ambassadors!

SA Olive CTC seal

Always look out for the SA Olive CTC seal on a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). This is a seal of confidence and it’s the guarantee that the producer is ‘committed to compliance’ in quality olive oil production.  It confirms that the EVOO is 100% locally (South African) produced and is authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This content piece has been created in proud collaboration with SA Olive Industry.

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