About Me

Hi! Hello! I’m Amilinda – a Cape Town-based self-confessed lover of all things hedonistic in life. An aspiring wine writer, adventurous traveler, amateur photographer, keen food stylist and enthusiastic home cook, my unadulterated passion for South African food and wine simply spills out the seams and onto my blog.

I’ve had a complex love-affair with food for as long as I can remember. Pretty plates. Coffee art. Artisanal breads. The smell of bacon in the morning and the taste of a cup of chamomile tea at night. The almost-holy, closed-eye experience of eating a good burger with all the trimmings. The warm promises of red wine when you stick your nose deep in the glass. Lamb cooked on an open fire. Bunches of fresh garden herbs that remind you of Mediterranean landscapes you’ve never visited. Sharing a pizza. Gorgeously plump olives, next to chunks of ripened local cheese.

So yes, that’s me.  I’m the shy girl with the sun-kissed hair and the impossibly big camera around her neck, stars twinkling in her eyes at the thought of anything indulgent. It’s so, so nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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