We all have our staple foodie comforts;  those items that fill your fridge and food cupboard to the brim. Those items that make you smile and breathe a sigh of relief when you see them; it’s like coming home to an old friend.

Browse through my reviews of my most favourite food products below. Some of them I’ve known about for years and some of them are exciting new finds! And remember, if I’ve not tasted it and given it the TLH stamp of approval, you won’t find it on the list!

Condiments & Sauces

Black Spot Hot Sauce 1: Exit the Kraken

Oryx Desert Salt: Braai Salt

Black Spot Hot Sauce 2: Ocean Soul

Liquid Smoke

Something sweet

Fair Cape Dairies: Valentine’s Desserts

Fair Cape Dairies: Amasi (spiced chicken wings)

Fair Cape Dairies: Amasi (cake with naartjie and thyme curd)

Fair Cape Dairies: Amasi (crusty bread)

Healthy treats

Fria’s Superfoods

Kitchen gadgets and accessories

The Bamboo Project

Top picks

My top five foodie picks from the SA Cheese Festival 2018