Wine & Spirits

Wine & Spirits

Aaah! Everyone’s favourite reviews. I’m not here to tell you to smell the caramelised peach undertones with whiffs of Madagascan vanilla on the nose and sweet tobacco on the palate. Nope. I’m no wine or spirits connoisseur; merely an aficionado at most. So I’ll tell you if it’s a good wine and what food to pair it with. I’ll tell you how to make some killer cocktails with beautiful spirits, or even dabble in a bit of alcohol recipe development.

So if you’re here for elaborate tasting notes, not going to happen. If you’re here to find a decent bottle of wine for a family get-together or a stunning wine for a romantic meal for two, read further.

If you’re here for reviews of super expensive spirits that no-one on a budget can afford, you’re not going to find it. If you’re here to look for inspiration to impress at your next party with pretty cocktails made with super quality spirits, then you’ll love this page. Just saying.


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