{event} A night of stories with Windfall Wines at Lapo’s Kitchen

How much do you know about  the wine you drink or the chef who plated your food? Do you know where your wine comes from, or what inspires the chef? Social dining experiences are growing in popularity at the moment. I recently joined Windfall Wine and Lapo’s Kitchen for a stellar night of food, drink and…

Banks Burger

Old school American diner meets trendy suburban take-away and restaurant. Situated in the popular Dean Street in Newlands, Banks Burger is the home of the original hamburger.

The Gardener’s Cottage Restaurant

ituated in the heart of the very popular Montebello Design Centre in Newlands, The Gardener’s Cottage Restaurant offers patrons a cup of coffee and something to eat in old English countryside style. This cottage kitchen confidently offers a wholesome menu for breakfast and lunch, filled with fresh and tasty ingredients.