{spirits} Channel your inner adventurer with Ja Nee Fok Brandy

October 24, 2023

Today I’m reminiscing about a wonderful, whirlwind adventure in Namibia last year. As the days are warming up here, announcing the arrival of summer, I can’t help but think back to the heat of the Namib desert, and what an incredible country it is. We road-tripped for two weeks, covering almost 5000km’s of dust and desert to see some of the most breathtaking views this world can offer.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a thirst quenching brandy at the end of a dust-chasing day. Whether enjoyed on the rocks or with your favourite mix, Kindred Spirits’ Ja Nee Fok brandy was a very welcome sundowner every evening during our trip. Every adventurer’s wingman, this seriously smooth 5-year pot-still brandy served as perfect inspiration as we poured over our glasses and maps as the sun set over the Namib, planning our next footprints.

Tongue in cheek, the quirky name of this brandy has brought a blush to many faces, but is there really a more quintessential South Africanism than “ja nee fok?” Seemingly no work and all play, this bottle should really not be judged by it’s cute Lucky Luke inspired cover – Ja Nee Fok brandy is serious stuff. Oak matured for five years, it bursts with intensely gorgeous flavours of earthy hazelnut, dried fruit and juicy pear. It’s ridiculously smooth however you choose to drink it.

And now, with only my memories of this amazing experience as company, I pour myself a brandy to toast new adventures.  Here I served my take on a Ja Nee Fok French Mule with a gorgeously fragrant local Namibian ginger ale from McCane Mixers and a spiral of lemon for the ultimate thirst quencher. Because exploring is hard work, but the rewards are worth it.

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